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This 10 Minutes Lower-Body Workout Will Boost Your Running Stability


This 10 Minutes Lower-Body Workout Will Boost Your Running Stability

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This 10 Minutes Lower-Body Workout Will Boost Your Running Stability

When you have a specific fitness goal, it’s super tempting to do that workout (and that workout only) over and over. But if running is your jam, hitting the pavement is only part of the puzzle—it’s also important to warm up, take rest days, and strength train.

All three have their benefits, but that last one is especially key for stability, which is why Nike trainer Traci Copeland created this stability-focused, lower-body workout that’s a combo of strength moves and cardio for this week’s episode of Trainer of the Month Club.

It’s three rounds of five moves for thirty seconds each (that’s right, you’ll be done in just seven and a half minutes), which makes it the perfect end-cap after a run, Copeland says—especially if you’re cranking through one of our United States of Running plans.

If you still need a little extra motivation to log your workout, just add tunes. Bose Frames Tempo allow you to blast your fave playlist and shade your eyes at the same time as you go from outdoor run to quickie strength session. Ready for the workout? Watch the video above for Copeland’s step-by-step instruction.

Keep scrolling to get Copeland’s lower-body strength workout for better stability.

1. Marching Hip Lift

Lie down on your back, with your knees bent, feet flat on the ground, and hips lifted. Keeping your hips stable, lift your right leg off the ground, bringing your knee in halfway toward your chest. Place your right foot back on the ground, and repeat on your left side. Continue alternating sides for 30 seconds, keeping your back straight and your weight in your heels.

2. Plank Reaction Drill

Start in a high-plank position, and get ready to some mountain climbers—moving only on Copeland’s command. Keep your back straight and core tight.

3. Lateral Lunge

Another classic lower-body strength workout move, make sure to keep your feet parallel, engage your core, and gaze a few feet in front of you, so your back stays tall.

4. Squat to Curtsy Squat

Like it sounds, this move is a regular squat, followed by a curtsy squat, then a regular squat, and a curtsy squat on the opposite side. Instead of focusing on speed, focus on control, Copeland says.

5. High-Knee Reaction Drill

Another reaction drill, this one’s high knees, but on Copeland’s command. When she says one, do one. When she says two, do two. When she says three—you get the picture. Now repeat the whole thing twice more, and get ready to thank yourself during your next run.

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