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The Missing Piece To Sustainable Results In Your Fitness And Nutrition Program


The Missing Piece To Sustainable Results In Your Fitness And Nutrition Program

The Missing Piece To Sustainable Results In Your Fitness And Nutrition Program

Year after year, time after time, you try one program after Another, diets, exercise programs, fasting and cleansing, holding yourself Prisoner to the program for 30 or 60 days, maybe even longer to achieve the Results you are dreaming of  fitness and nutrition.

Introduction of Fitness And Nutrition

Then something occurs to you, however large or small your outcomes are, as the program comes to an end or maybe even before, in case it proved to only be too much for you to handle, you merely wind up right back where you began with your old customs creeping back. Before you know it, all the results of your hard work have vanished, and often you end up worse off than where you started.

Not only has the weight found its way back across your hips, belly, and thighs, but your self-esteem is crushed, your confidence and motivation drained. You’ve bottomed out on the physical and emotional roller coaster that had you on a high celebrating your success only a few months earlier.

Before you know it, you find yourself desperately seeking new answers, searching for the next fad diet, the next fitness program which guarantees magical results. You dip back in, entirely committed to lasting change this time, sure that this will be on the that changes your life, gives you back your body assurance, rebuilds your self-esteem, allows you to get more energy and improve your health.

If this seems all too familiar for you, the fantastic news is that there is a solution to break with the never-ending cycle. You see your fitness And nutrition habits; really have nothing to do with your willpower or your devotion when it boils down to it. Sure, these things play a little role, but there’s something bigger, something invisible to you, controlling your every decision that you are ignoring.

Break the Cycle

In the above scenario, the cyclical pattern you were stuck in, you’re asking the wrong question. You keep asking HOW to eliminate the weight, HOW to get in better shape, HOW to get more energy, HOW to improve your wellbeing. The dilemma is that the replies don’t initially lie in HOW.

The issue that we need to ask before we consider the HOW is WHY! You see when you inquire only HOW you have no emotional connection to the process which you are committing.

Problem Statement

The problem here is that you have not connected with the actual reason that you have a desire to achieve this aim, leaving it in the close of the day very insignificant in the importance of your life.

For instance, if you’re just committed to losing the weight so you can fit in smaller jeans and then one of your kids gets sick, or you’ve got a deadline to meet at the office, you suddenly get distracted and your goal goes on the back  burner. It allowing you to create excuses as to why you can’t follow the program which told you HOW to reach your goal.

However, what should you we were to study your goal a little deeper and dissect this question of WHY? What we discover is that when we dig deep under the surface and go vertical in the evaluation of our goals, we will find a much deeper-rooted significance which produces the aim a far higher priority in our lives. fitness And nutrition is the magic in creating sustainable effects in our lives.

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Assessing the WHY

Let us go through an example of the weight loss to Assist You See the picture. Initially, we started with a goal but never went more in-depth.


So we can have a healthy marriage and set a good example for our children of what a healthy relationship looks like, and my kids can learn to love and be proud of their bodies for precisely who they are and treat them with respect.

We could continue to go on and on here, but you can see how what started as a matter of HOW could I lose just a little bit of cash to fit into a pair of jeans turned into a deeply rooted psychological desire to possess body confidence, a superior physical connection with your spouse, a healthy marriage and also to reveal your children the importance of loving your body exactly as you are and treating it with respect.

The Real Effect

Now, this is where the magic occurs. When you recognize what is online and also the effect that your old patterns are having on the human body and your loved ones it affects the entire dynamic of the situation in fitness and nutrition.

You are no longer looking at HOW to lose weight and get in the set of jeans. You’re now looking at WHY you want to make healthful Decisions every day that respects your entire body and shows your family the Significance of the healthy lifestyle habits.

Fitness and nutrition when other obligations pop up on your daily life, you suddenly can prioritize your healthy lifestyle habits, instead of cleaning them into the side and making excuses for why you don’t have time.

Next time that you are seeking to devote to anything in your own life take a few minutes to analyze the WHY and write it down honestly. Moving perpendicular into our deep psychological level of why we would like to modify something in our own life has staying power.

This Remaining power of respecting your body has endless Benefits from achieving and maintaining your ideal body, setting an excellent example for your family, upping your self-esteem and body assurance, building a strong physical and emotional relationship with your partner. That is saving your wasted time and money of chasing another HOW also keeping you off the emotional roller coaster connected with every one of these things.

So before your next commitment, ask yourself WHY!

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