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The Deadly Facts Of Eating High Amount Of Sugar

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The Deadly Facts Of Eating High Amount Of Sugar

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The Deadly Facts Of Eating High Amount Of Sugar

One addiction that is considered worse than that of drugs is Sugar Addiction. We see people discussing why sugar us bad for health but despite knowing all the harmful effects of sugar they find it difficult to get out of it. Let’s see why ‘Sugar is an Evil’ for us, more so if we are wishing to lose weight!

  • Empty calories, No nutrients

Sugar has absolutely no nutrients at all! So why do we crave and eat sweets! Some say ‘for energy’ but I believe it is just addictive to our tongue and that is the culprit; we have a sweet tooth. Why would we eat pastries or donuts otherwise?

On the second thought, let me say, that is not true, our tongue is not the culprit. That takes me to point 2 as to find why!

Yes, you read it right. When we consume sugar, our brain releases dopamine which gives us a feeling of pleasure or satisfaction. Neuroscientists have found that it can cause addiction. You can read the study here.

  • Conversion to fat causes diseases

Sugar contains fructose and only the liver can metabolize fructose. Whenever fructose is underutilized, it is converted to fat. Fat in the liver causes various diseases.

Sugar causes resistance to insulin. Insulin is secreted by the pancreas to steer glucose from the bloodstream to cells. When the body resists insulin, the pancreas loses its ability to secrete the required insulin. That’s how people become diabetic.  Fructose in sugar is known to cause insulin resistance and hence diabetes too.

Sugar causes Leptin resistance. Leptin is a hormone that is responsible to signal the brain that we have eaten and we should stop eating now. When we eat more fat, more leptin is produced. That is why fat doesn’t make us fat. If you haven’t read why fat is good for us,, read here. When our body resists leptin, the brain does not get a signal to make us stop eating and we keep eating. Leptin resistance is one of the most important factors which cause obesity!

Sugar is like Mr. India. You might think I have gone nuts ? I mean to say that sugar is invisible. It is present in a lot of foods which we think does not contain added sugar. Noodles, pasta, french fries, aerated drinks, juices, chips, flavored yogurt are just a few of them!

I have known people who eat sweets to curb hunger but let me tell you that they do it despite knowing the fact that sugar does not curb hunger rather causes craving and makes us feel hungrier.

If you wish to shed weight, throw sugar out of your life! Your body will thank you for it.

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