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Skin Complex RX Review – Get Rid From Aging Signs!

skin complex rx


Skin Complex RX Review – Get Rid From Aging Signs!

Skin Complex RX Review – Get Rid From Aging Signs!

What is it?

Skin Complex RX is an anti-aging skin cream that is intended to improve hydration levels and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines. Their advertising claims that their product was shown to increase collagen production and help fade dark spots and skin discolorations.

It is said that their merchandise smoothes out skin texture and evens skin tone, leaving consumers looking younger and healthier than they have in years.

Our experts believe that Kremotex is your best skincare product for many daily needs. It is a moisturizer, color corrector, and also helps repair the effects of aging and skin damage.

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Skin Complex RX Ingredients and Side Effects

Skin Complex RX does not publish their entire ingredients list anywhere on their website or in their advertising and promotional materials. They only mention in passing some of the additives in their blend, and those are:

QuSomes Wheat Proteins Vitamins and Antioxidants

QuSomes: Don’t have any nutritional or health value themselves, they’re a delivery agent that may help increase the effectiveness of different ingredients. When QuSomes are mixed with other compounds those ingredients bond into the tiny spheroidal molecules which don’t have any problem penetrating the dense cellular structure of the skin and delivering their contents in a regularized way that helps ensure a more even distribution of the product amongst skin cells.QuSomes are still very new and there isn’t any research about their effectiveness aside from their manufacturer’s initial report. It is unclear what sort of an effect using QuSomes really has on fixing efficacy, and it is also uncertain what the long-term effects of exposure to them might be.

There has never been even a five-year study conducted about their safety as they haven’t been around for that long, although some scientists are skeptical about what the health effects of QuSome over accumulation may be. Currently there are no reports of some unwanted side effects related to QuSome usage.

Wheat Protein: A conditioner used in hair and skin products for its ability to bond with damaged skin and hair and make it appear healthy. This is a cosmetic effect and not an actual therapeutic or nutritional one.

Wheat proteins do contain some trace levels of vitamins A, D, E, and F, as well as B1, B2, B3, and B6. These are all useful chemicals in the collagen generation and skin renewal processes, however the levels found in most wheat proteins is fairly slight and not generally enough to rely on from a skin care standpoint.

Wheat proteins are an allergy risk for those individuals with coeliac’s disease or gluten sensitivities. When applied topically they have the potential to provoke histamine responses, nettle rash, and possibly even anaphylaxis. Individuals without pre-existing gluten sensitivities have not reported any negative side effects related to wheat protein.

Vitamins and Antioxidants: Skin Complex RX mentions that their skin cream contains both of these key skin care agents, however they do not specify of what type, in what quantities, or from what source. It is unclear if the vitamins that they mention are referring to the trace levels found in the wheat protein, or if the have added additional vitamins to make their blend more effective.

Antioxidants fight the sagging, dull skin that is caused by sun and environmental damage, however they can be derived from literally thousands of different sources. Green tea, citrus fruits, beans, chocolates, potatoes and nuts can all carry some amount of the free radical-fighting molecules. Wheat protein also contains some slight amount of antioxidants, but it would not be enough to rely on for a skin care blend.

Unless Skin Complex RX discloses their full ingredients list it is impossible to say how effective these vitamins and antioxidants may be, or even which users they may be unsafe for.

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Skin Complex RX Quality of Ingredients

Our team does not recommend products that refuse to disclose their ingredients. There are too many unscrupulous manufacturers out there that use unfit products to just trust that any given blend will be both safe and effective for any given individual. The products that disclose all of their additives do so because they know that they are using quality ingredients and they want consumers to see that.

Companies that use simple alcohols, lye, and ammonia products try to hide that fact by not disclosing their contents and hoping that consumers will just overlook the fact that they don’t want people to know what is in their blend. Sadly, these companies’ faith in customers’ unwillingness to research what they put onto and into their bodies is frequently rewarded.

Just QuSomes and wheat proteins is not an acceptable ingredients blend for a skin care product. QuSomes have no value at all themselves and are only as useful as the chemicals that they are helping deliver. Wheat protein is mildly helpful to the people that do not react against it, however its mild effects will not show many tangible results.

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The Price and Quality of Skin Complex RX

Skin Complex RX is sold online through Amazon and they also have several web pages that all tout their “free trial offer.” Through Amazon, Skin Complex RX for:

  • 1, .5 fl oz jar of Skin Complex RX cream: $26.50

That is somewhat expensive for a product without any proven ingredients, however it is not far above average. The free trial offer, however, is much more complicated and usually results in customers paying far more than $26.50 per jar.

Signing up for the offer actually enrolls customers in their automatic payment program where they are shipped the same type of .5 fl oz jar each month. Instead of charging a similar or discounted rate, as most programs of this nature do, customers are instead billed $89.69 per jar. There is no reason given for this rate being over triple that of the Amazon price.

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Business of Skin Complex RX

Skin Complex RX is part of an organization of skin care companies that all use similar promotional materials and marketing tactics. There are a number of different names given for the parent company of these smaller subsidiary brands including Dos Hermanos, Kiara Skin, and Skin Technologies. Skin Complex RX lists their manufacturer as Coal Cosmetics, and they offer this contact information for them:

Phone Number: (800) 958-5410

Address: 5404 Whitsett Ave #128

Valley Village, CA 91607

Email: [email protected]

There are hundreds of formal complaints that have been filed against Skin Complex RX and their associates with the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission. There are quite a few customers that have threatened legal action against the group, however there is no evidence of any active cases against them at this time.

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Customer Opinions of Skin Complex RX

Online reviews from customers Skin Complex RX are exceptionally negative. There are quite a few people that feel like they were taken advantage of by the “free trial offer” and that are reporting on negative experiences with Skin Complex RX’s customer service team, and there are also a number of reports about the quality of the cream itself. Many of those were similar to these accounts:

“Letting this dry on my face felt like I had just walked into a bunch of spider webs – but at least those probably wouldn’t have made me break out like Skin Complex RX did.

“Total scam! This is not a legit skin cream and I’m mad I even tried it.”

“Smells bad, looks bad, works bad.”

The most frequent complaint about the cream was that it did not moisturize, and many reports claimed that it dried skin out even further. Respondents also alleged that it caused redness, breakouts, and the growth of small fibrous nodes.

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Conclusion – Does Skin Complex RX Work?

The most effective skin care products increase hydration levels, collagen production levels, and defend against UV rays and environmental damage. Skin Complex RX has not demonstrated that it does any of these things.

The most respected businesses charge a fair, upfront price for their products and do not try to deceive or manipulate their customers into making choices they would not if they had all of the information. Sadly, that seems to be the basis of Skin Complex RX’s business model.

Their customer service department is regularly accused of ignoring customers’ calls, being directly rude when they do make contact, and refusing to honor any of their refund promises. The FTC and the BBB have sent them formal cease-and-desist letters, and there are hundreds of angry posts from former customers on the pages of consumer watchdog groups like Ripoff Report and Consumer Help Desk.

Our team will not recommend a product that does not disclose its ingredients, and they prefer to recommend brands that are honest and straightforward in their dealings with customers.

Our panel of experts believes that Kremotex is the most effective skincare product that is available without a prescription. It uses stem cell technology and traditionally effective ingredients like shea nuts to provide core-level wellness effects for the skin.

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