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Revian Red Hair Regain System: Doest It Work For Hair Growth?


Revian Red Hair Regain System: Doest It Work For Hair Growth?

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Revian Red Hair Regain System: Doest It Work For Hair Growth?

 REVIAN RED Hair Growth System is an all LED light hair loss treatment for men and women. The Revian’s Modulated Light Therapy (MLT) claims to use LED light to unclog the reserves of nitric oxide beneath your skin, which play a major role in hair growth. The MLT treatment is claimed to start below the skin at the cellular level.

Additionally, this hair growth system incorporates a free mobile app that gives users guided instructions on how to use the laser cap. Apart from that, the app ensures users are compliant with the treatment.

What Technology is Used to Build REVIAN RED Hair Growth System?

The secret ingredient of this hair growth system is LED technology. According to Practical Dermatology, LED light affects cellular metabolism. It increases nitric oxide production, improves collagen synthesis, and enhances blood flow.

How Does It Work? | The Science Behind REVIAN RED Hair Growth System

If you are wondering how revian red hair growth system works, LED light taps into the nitric oxide reserves found in the hair follicles of the scalp. It also increases blood flow, reduces inflammation, and replenishes nutrients in the hair follicles thus promoting new hair growth. Similarly, LED stimulates anagen phase re-entry in telogen hair follicles as explained by a research article published by SciForschen. This revives and regenerates new hair follicles prompting hair regrowth. The anagen stage or phase is the period where hair grows actively.

REVIAN RED Hair Growth System Pros & Cons


  • The system promises to help regrow hair in 6 months
  • It may help control hair loss
  • The system is supposedly easy and convenient to use
  • Hair thickness and fullness may be achieved with this technology
  • It incorporates a mobile app for guided instructions


  • LED energy systems may be less efficient than laser-powered devices
  • Requires 10-minute daily treatments unlike others with few days a week
  • Overall results may not be satisfactory
  • Users may experience side effects

People Also Ask – Questions and Answers

Q: How to Use REVIAN RED Hair Growth System?

A: This LED cap should be used in 10-minute sessions daily. You can use it while going about your daily activities.

Q: Does REVIAN RED Hair Growth System Have Side Effects?

A: The company behind this product claims that there are no side effects associated with using this LED cap. The Lasers in Medical Science journal also agrees that LED-based devices offer safer alternatives for the treatment of hair loss.

Q: Does REVIAN RED Hair Growth System Work?

A: Yes this product may work as it boosts nitric oxide, improve inflammatory, and activate telogen hair follicles.

Q: What Is REVIAN RED Hair Growth System Money-back Guarantee, Return & Refund Policy?

A: The company offers a 6-month money-back guarantee for users who have not seen desired results after completing 80% of the treatments.

REVIAN RED Hair Growth System Alternatives

Brand Price
Kierr Laser Cap System for Hair Growth $595.00 – $925.00
Hair Covet $799.00
CapillusPlus Lasers for Hair Regrowth $1999.00
iRestore Essential $695.00


Is REVIAN RED Hair Growth System Safe? – Warnings & Complaints

Yes, this product may be safe. LED devices are considered safe tools in treating hair loss and other many conditions including skin inflammation, aging, and disorders linked to hair growth.

REVIAN RED Hair Growth System Customer Reviews & Results

The revian red hair growth system reviews on the official website scored 4 stars. Users were happy because their hair loss stopped and they experienced hair regrowth. These positive reviewers also praised the ease and convenience of the use of this LED device. Negative reviewers on the other hand claimed that hair loss worsened for them. Others claimed that they observed no change at all. 

REVIAN RED Hair Growth System: Packages, Deals, Prices & Where to Buy It

This device is retailed at $995.00 on the official website. The company also offers free shipping to users who buy directly from its website.

The Bottom Line

Alopecia is a hair follicular condition that affects a notable population in the world. According to the Journal of Clinical and Cosmetic Dermatology, androgenetic alopecia is the commonest subtype of alopecia that affects many men and women.

Patients experiencing this hair loss disorder are claimed to experience both psychological and emotional distress. Due to this, many patients who undergo this cosmetic disfigurement frequently seek treatment according to the Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy.

Revian Red Hair Growth System is a LED device that stimulates the production of nitric oxide which is an important nutrient in hair growth. It encourages dormant hair follicles to become active follicles that encourage hair growth. This growth system is an easy to use treatment option that claims to improve blood circulation, stimulate collagen synthesis, and reduce skin inflammation.

The reviews on the revian red hair growth system journal are generally positive with many users claiming to have experienced great results. And in as much as the device is expensive, the company offers an option to buyers on a budget to pay in monthly installments with interest-free. However, there were negative reviews as well. Some users complained that the LED helmet failed to regrow their hair. This is quite expected as treatment results tend to differ from one person to another.

If you find this technology appealing, then you can give it a try risk free for 6 months. If not, you can explore laser devices which are claimed to offer faster and better results. You can also search for other revian red hair growth system examples that will suit your unique needs.

Is There Anything Else You Should Know About REVIAN RED Hair Growth System?

Like other laser hair growth devices, REVIAN RED Hair Growth System is specifically for some types of pattern hair loss. For Males, it works for those with Norwood-Hamilton classified androgenetic alopecia from IIa to IV patterns of hair loss. For women, it works for those with Ludwig-Savin scale I to 1, I to 4, II to 1, II to 2 or frontal patterns of hair loss. As for skin type, both males and females should fit within the Fitzpatrick skin types I to IV.

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