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Quiet Mind Plus Review (UPDATED 2020): Don’t Buy Before Read!

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Quiet Mind Plus Review (UPDATED 2020): Don’t Buy Before Read!

Quiet Mind Plus Review (UPDATED 2020): Don’t Buy Before Read!

Quiet Mind Plus is a tinnitus cure offered in a supplement that the creators claim can provide results in just 3 days of use. Their formula was said to have been stolen and recreated, and pharmaceutical giants have tried to prevent people from using.

They offer a video that tells the story of a health librarian who had been on the brink of suicide due to his contest ringing. He discovered this alternative after learning that there was a true cause for tinnitus that has been withheld from the public. Quiet Brain Plus is made to support the adrenal gland, and he uncovered this information after taking a look at alternative research. They market it as a different secretive help that repairs brain networks, improves memory, and also raises cell regeneration.

Overall Memotenz was favorited overall as an effective and natural nootropic supplement. Both user reviews and studies into its natural formula show how effective it can be. Read even more about the benefits Memotenz can provide by examining the official website.


There is no supplements facts list however, they do mention a few ingredients in their video:

Buchu Leaves Vitamin C Vitamin B6 Vitamin B12 Niacin (Vitamin B3)
Garlic Olive Leaves Hibiscus Hawthorn Uva Ursi

Buchu Leaves: This plant has chemicals which are used to support urine flow and to prevent kidney and prostate-related illness. When consumed in large amounts it is deemed:


Web MD says it can lead to irritation to the kidney and stomach, and that liver damage may be an issue.

Niacin (Vitamin B3): Important mineral which helps regulate cholesterol and lessen the danger of cardiovascular relevant problems. A certain quantity of niacin is advocated daily to be able to maintain health. It’s obviously in food including chicken, eggs, and vegetables.

Hawthorne: The berries of Hawthorne are used to improve cardiovascular function and heart health. It can support blood flow and also reduce blood pressure. Side effects may be an issue for some as it can potentially cause:

  • Fatigue, palpitations, and agitation.
  • Nosebleed, upset stomach, and headache.

Hibiscus: The compounds of this plant have laxative effects, and it’s also used for a number of benefits. This includes lowering blood pressure, decreasing muscle spasms, and antibiotic like improvements.

Olive Leaves: From the same plant which olive oil is extracted from, olive leaves can help reduce LDL cholesterol and it may support blood sugar.

Uva Ursi: Diuretic plant which is used to reduce inflammation and to get rid of bacteria within urine.

Garlic: Herbal ingredient and common spice added to recipes, multiple benefits have been reviewed in studies. Garlic is supplemented for the improvement of the immune system, reduction of inflammation, regulation of blood pressure, and improved blood flow.

Within certain people it may cause some side effects:

  • Nausea, a burning sensation, and body odor.
  • Diarrhea, vomiting, and increased risk of bleeding.


Without the supplements facts it’s not known what can be expected. It’s essential to have some sort of evidence that what you’re going to be supplementing with is safe, added in a sufficient enough strength, and free of any cheap fillers.

With so many claims made it would have been useful had they cited any evidence of any kind. They use a common sales tactic of making it seem exclusive, something that the pharmaceutical giants don’t want you to know about. Independent research was allegedly performed.

All this is a by the numbers scam such as tactic which serves to find an emotional response, yet you don’t receive any actual facts mentioned. There’s nothing in the formulation that’s specially targeted towards enhancing tinnitus. Some ingredients may target blood circulation and blood pressure, but no 3rd party research has been provided. This makes it impossible to learn whether it is going to actually create dependable results.

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A single bottle retails for $69. 2 pills should be taken daily, and within a maximum of 3 weeks results they say results are possible. No clinical studies are provided to ensure whether or not this has been reviewed by any trusted 3rd parties.

They do advise to take a minimum of 6 bottles at a total of $294. The official website claims that they could cash out and take the money the pharmaceutical giants have tried to offer them for this supplement, but they don’t want to because they want to help cure people’s tinnitus.  It would be great if all these claims were true but they fail to offer any evidence.

Their movie is the sole source of information and it is quite long and riddled by many daring, unproven claims. It seems like most other scamming brands that try to find an emotional reaction out of customers, but that are brief on any actual truth. Keep in mind there are no clinical studies offered to show how this can prove brain function or treat tinnitus.

There’s no way anyone can know for certain if any of the claims made are accurate, due to the lack of information about the dosage strength of each ingredient. In studying these additives it can potentially help support brain health, but nothing as drastic as what is claimed.

If you’re looking to discover what nootropics can best improve your brain health, check out our top 10 list.


Their official company name is Software Projects Inc. and their contact details are:

Phone Number: 1-866-449-9679

Address: 9450 SW Gemini Dr. Suite 17042

Beaverton, Oregon 97008

Email: [email protected]

A clear indication that something is wrong is the claim that Gregory Peters helped found this supplement. The photo of what is said to be him is actually a stock image which is not of any real medical librarian.

The company was once based out of New York, and their Better Business Bureau page has many complaints. Their new address has no complaints, but in examining their old page its clear many customers were scammed out of money.

33 complaints and 13 negative reviews are listed. Consumers said the following:

“not honoring their 60-day money-back return policy”

“disconnected my phone call many times”

“ignored my message and placed me on an auto-enrollment plan without my consent”

“Total scam they do not stop charging me and I’ve called to cancel so many times”

They claim Quiet Mind Plus is safe and effective at curing tinnitus. Supplements companies are not allowed to claim they have a cure for something, in particular without providing sufficient evidence which would be outstanding if it were true.

The overall layout of the website and the claims made are clearly exaggerated and not supported by any evidence.

By clicking on this link you’ll be able to review the top 10 nootropics of the year.


The only reviews offered are of testimonials about the official site. Out of this, there are no user encounters for Quiet Mind Plus. As it’s not possible to trust the official site provides valid information, we can’t determine for certain if the claimed testimonials are accurate.

Therefore we have decided not to feature these potentially biased and untruthful reviews.

Consumer reviews and full studies by our review teams have made it possible to craft the top 10 list of beneficial nootropics.


Quiet Mind Plus fits all the criteria for what is likely a scam. There are 2 listings on the Better Business Bureau, with the new address having no reviews, and the previous location having many complaints alleging the company is operating a scam. The video they provide uses a lot of bold claims that this is a hidden supplement that the pharmaceutical company has tried to prevent you from knowing about. Scientific studies are claimed as well as top-secret, hidden clinical reviews, yet they fail to cite any of these findings. No supplements facts list is provided either, so you won’t know what the full dosage strength is to review the quality. With so much information withheld, there’s no way to truly know if the ingredients are added in an effective amount.

The nootropic Memotenz was our choice as the best brain health brand of this year. What made it unique were its potent formula, great consumer reviews, trustworthy business practices, and the amount of 3rd party reviews for each natural ingredient.

It can offer preventative benefits to delay the onset of brain fog or memory loss, and it can be useful for enhancing mental focus and memory retention after use. The convenience of Memotenz and rave reviews have made it our pick as the best nootropic of the year; to review the official website click here.

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