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Perfect Use of Lemon Essential Oil for Skin Lightening!

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Perfect Use of Lemon Essential Oil for Skin Lightening!

Perfect Use of Lemon Essential Oil for Skin Lightening!

Lemon essential oil is an outstanding skin lightener for all your needs. It is filled with some impressive health benefits, such as anti-aging and reduction of wounds. So, if you have sun spots around your armpits from too many beach days or discoloration, you should try essential skin lemon oil.

Not only that, but using this oil in your daily routine doesn’t have to be a hassle either — it’s easy to integrate into your everyday life! Check out some of the many ways to use essential lemon oil below for skin lightening, and head for a safer, happier you.

Why Lemon Essential Oil is Great for Skin Lightening

Smiling woman holding up two halves of a lemon
The natural bleaching properties in lemon essential oil mean that its perfect for treating everything from dark spots to acne scarring.

Have you ever tried squeezing lemon juice to create natural highlights in your hair when you were younger? Lemons are well known for their natural properties in bleaching.

In the lemon essential oil for lightening the skin, the actual lightening components come from the lemon peel, which is the source of the oil.
In short, lemon essential oil contains hesperidine, which reduces the production of melanin in your skin to make it lighter. You can therefore use it to treat dark spots, acne scarring, pigmentation, and uneven skin tones.

5 Ways
to Use Lemon Essential Oil for Skin Lightening

Lemon essential oil
benefits for skin
are endless when you have the
right ways to use them. Here are a few of our favorite ways to enjoy this fresh
and feisty oil.

1. Facial Steam to Even Skin

A bottle of lemon essential oil with a dropper

There’s nothing like a refreshing sauna trip to help your skin feel
new. But who has time for that? You can instead create a DIY sauna facial
experience that you can do once per week at your convenience. Plus, your
homemade facial will smell incredible thanks to the powerful impact of lemon
essential oil for skin whitening.

To make lemon facial steam: Start by heating up approximately 4 cups of water until it is boiling.
Then, pour the water into a heat-resistant bowl (so it doesn’t burn you later)
and add in 10 drops of lemon essential oil. Sit with the bowl in your lap and a
towel draped over your head and bowl. This way, the steam will evaporate the oils,
cleansing your pores and absorbing into your skin for some all over skin

2. Night Serum for Lightening
Acne Scars

Bottles of lemon essential oil night serum next to freshly cut lemons

If you suffer or suffered from acne, you probably have at least a few scars on your face from the skin damage. Thankfully, lemon essential oil for skin discoloration will help to reduce the appearance of those scars.

Using a night serum can help you gradually improve those specific areas that stand out to you most. It’s easiest to make a bottle to keep on your nightstand for easy application. Maybe after, you’ll even feel confident enough to go foundation-free at your next social event!

To make lemon night serum: Start by putting about 20ml of fractionated coconut oil into a tinted
glass bottle. Then, add in 10ml of rose oil. Lastly, put in six drops of lemon
essential oil. As you’ll be heading to bed after applying the serum, you may
wish to add lavender essential oil to your recipe. Lavender has been shown to
aid relaxation and sleep,[2] which can
be a great aromatherapy bonus after a long day. Spread a thin layer on and let
the magic happen while you dream.

3. Lightening Face Mask for

Woman in a face mask holding up half a lemon to her eye while smiling

While hyperpigmentation is usually harmless,
it may cause you to feel self-conscious about your skin. You can use a face
mask bi-weekly to reduce hyperpigmentation. Over time, you should see some
gradual lightening of the dark spots, making them feel like less of a focal
point on your face.

To make
lemon face mask:
Mix together a teaspoon of honey with
just a few drops of water and two pinches of baking soda. Next, add in three
drops of lemon essential oil and stir well. Using your fingers or a spoon,
apply this sticky mask to your face and resist the urge to lick a bit of the
leftover honey mixture. Wait about 15 minutes and then rinse off with warm
water and pat dry.

4. Spot Treatment for Problem

Ingredients for a homemade spot treatment with lemon essential oil.

So, you fell off your bike when you were 14-years-old but still have the dramatic scar on your knee as a reminder? Don’t stress. Lemon essential oil for skin lightening can help make that tale a thing for the storybooks. Spot treatments are a great tool for those big or small scars that need some special attention. You can apply this spot treatment twice a day as long as you remember to protect your skin from the sun after use.

To make lemon spot treatment: For your base, add 30ml of rosehip oil to a glass jar or bottle. Put in six drops of lemon essential oil. When you’re ready to use, sprinkle a pinch of baking soda over the scar and then squeeze one to three drops of the oil blend onto the area, depending on the size of the scar. Next, rub the baking soda and oils on your skin gently. Allow this to fully dry. Don’t worry about washing it off as it can stay on the area throughout the day.

5. Toner for Face, Neck, and
Chest Sunspots

Woman in a spa holding a bottle of lemon essential oil

Spending too much time in the sun will
inevitably leave you with some darker sun spots on your most exposed areas,
such as your face, neck, and chest. Luckily, a lemon essential oil for skin
lightening daily toner may help. Lemon essential oil from Eureka or Lisbon
lemons can help reduce pigmentation in these zones.[3]
Plus, it is suggested that the antioxidants in lemon essential oil may act as
an anti-aging bonus too.[4]

To make
lemon toner:
Combine ¼ cup of witch hazel with ¼ cup
of rose water or cucumber water. Add in six drops of lemon essential oil and
shake well before each use. You can apply this toner by using a cotton pad and
gently wiping your face, neck, and chest. And remember, toners can be drying to
your skin so it is important to moisturize after it dries for healthy skin.

Essential Oil for Skin Lightening Tips

Woman in a garden holding a lemon from a lemon tree

To safely understand how to use lemon
essential oil for skin lightening, here are two tips to keep in mind.

  • Don’t go into the sun after use
    This is the number one rule for all citrus essential oils! Remember, lemon oil is photosensitive. Meaning, you should really wait up to 12 hours before going into the sun for long periods after use. This will prevent any skin reactions or agitation.
  • Remember to dilute appropriately
    We all want fast results. But using a higher dose of essential oil in the above recipes won’t make you see a difference quicker. Actually, it might cause you more harm than good. The reason being that essential oils by their very nature are so potent that if applied undiluted they can cause allergic reactions and sensitivities.[5] Play it safe and stick with the recommended dosage.
5 Ways to Use Lemon Essential Oil for Skin Lightening

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