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Learn How You Can Control Your Food Cravings

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Learn How You Can Control Your Food Cravings

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Learn How You Can Control Your Food Cravings

Covid-19 changed our lives in different ways. Some of people used the Lockdown period to lose weight while some could not get enough of their favourite cravings. I know of my friends who crave sweets and during lockdown found it very difficult to control it.

I don’t have a sweet tooth but sometimes I do crave for sweet. You may wish to read how to curb sweet cravings here. Let’s see what foods we crave generally.

Best Ways To Control Food Cravings….


Zee admitted once that chocolate is the biggest hurdle in her weight loss. These cravings always have a reason behind it.  This is a sign that your body needs Vitamin D, magnesium and fatty acids. Few people crave for Chocolate when they are in stress. Chocolate releases a mood enhancing hormone and we feel nice after feasting on it ;).  If you are deparately craving for choclate, try a dark chocolate but only 1-2 pieces. If your next question is which dark chocolate, my answer is Lindt. No, Cadbury Bournville chocolate has lots of sugar and is a bad option !

Junk Fast Food

When you are stressed, you would crave for carbs most of the times. Few months ago, all I could think was Maggi and Pizza while undergoing major stress in my life. Wondered why? Carbs give you instant insulin rush and you feel satiated for a while but later, you would notice a drop in your energy levels.

Generally, cravings for carbs and salty foods can be controlled by increasing chloride in the body. This means eat tomato, olives, lettuce and sendha salt(unrefined salt).


Craving for chalk, mud, clay, dirt, ice, paint or any non food item is a condition called ‘Pica’. This is a clear sign of iron deficiency. Read about Pica here.


If you feel addicted to Coffee or Tea, say Hello to Eggs, Garlic, Milk, Onion and Fish. Increasing the level of sulphur, iron and phosphorus will help you reduce coffee/tea temptation.

I hope this post would help you listen to what your body needs and act accordingly.

Till we meet again, God Bless ! Maintain social distancing and wash your hands regularly. We surely don’t want another lockdown due to another fresh wave of Coronavirus.

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