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Is Genetic Testing Really Useful? – Aboutnutra


Is Genetic Testing Really Useful? – Aboutnutra

genetic testing

Genetic Testing – Within this age of health evolution, the subject of genomics has gained a lot of popularity. The very first human genome was sequenced in 2003 and, since that time, the curiosity for genetic testing has led us to explore deeper. Our medical fortunes are shown by our genes. Genetic testing potentiates the possibility of preventing various medical ailments straight from infancy to maturity. Hence, it is not surprising that Americans have already spent more than 5 billion dollars on it.

All You Want to Know About Genes and Gene Testing

Our cells contain 46 chromosomes that package deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) molecules inside them. These chromosomes are arranged in 23 pairs, one pair of sex chromosomes and 22 pairs called autosomes. Genes, composed of DNA, are put on these chromosomes. Each gene is responsible for different characteristics in our exceptional physical make up for example height, eye colour, dental arrangement, etc.. Every chromosome is packed with tens of thousands of enzymes, along with the entire amount of genes is termed as a genome. Each individual differs from another due to his or her different gene structure.

Gene testing is done to evaluate changes in your gene and chromosome from ordinary. The tests look for various gene mutations, missing genes, or an excess gene. Different types of gene tests are available, such as:

  • Molecular gene tests

    These tests try to find a specific gene mutation and identify a lost or an extra gene. The limitation for this test is that it may pick up mutations only for specific disease conditions and neglects to identify multiple mutations in a receptor.

  • Chromosomal tests –

    These tests look for alterations in structure, gathering, and number of chromosomes which could lead to hereditary conditions, as an example, an excess chromosome signifies a condition named Down’s syndrome. A method called karyotyping is utilized to find out the number and structure of chromosomes.

  • Biochemical tests –

    These tests assess the activities of proteins present in every gene and are largely useful in newborn screening.

Genetic testing helps you determine the options of creating a genetic disorder in future. Additionally, it identifies if a person suffers from a genetic disorder according to his or her symptoms. It assists couples seeking pregnancy by providing information about the odds of their death a genetic disorder to their offspring.

  • Gene testing will not determine your destiny. Except for some very rare diseases like sickle cell anemia or Huntington’s disease, most ailments arise from several gene mutations. Genetic predisposition determines we are able to possibly develop disorders like arthritis, diabetes, or coronary artery ailments, but our surroundings determines the real chances of growth and development of these disorders. These environmental elements comprise the lifestyle, stress, diet, sleep habits, and so on. Thus, we cannot predict with 100% accuracy that every person who has inherited the BRCA1 gene mutation will develop breast cancer at any stage in life.
  • Either tests results are interpreted by specialists, or it’s left to people to search for answers on the internet. It may be mentally challenging for people to understand their particular risk for developing a disorder condition and professionals are often genetic counselors who aren’t trained in diagnosing and counseling treatment protocols. In addition, there’s an actual dearth of well‑trained genetic counselling professionals.
  • A gene testing before pregnancy is highly encouraged so that couples can use the information received and plan their next move if necessary. This allays the emotional pressure involved with maternity. Moreover, it prepares them for the outcome or allows them to opt for other options such as IUI or adoption..

Final Words

Genetic testing is an entire new world. Not everyone is Optimistic about getting to understand ailments which may cross their path someday. Nor do parents seek to generate designer offsprings. Reduction of privacy, insufficient Data, and lack of suitable information regarding diseases like diabetes or Cardiovascular illnesses are some additional added concerns regarding gene testing. However, gene testing May Be helpful in diagnosing specific illnesses and also in discovering serious conditions such as down’s syndrome during pregnancy. In Addition, doing a gene test doesn’t cost lots of money.

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