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How to Boost Metabolism?

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How to Boost Metabolism?

How to Boost Metabolism?

The human body is supposed to be alive, alive, and healthy. Unexplained tiredness and unhealthful skin are some of the hints that the body suffers from a low metabolism. Metabolism is a mechanism in which the body consumes the calories available to energy.

The body is supposed to have a high metabolism to function properly. Growing metabolism can be achieved effectively in natural ways — most of these forms, depending on what you eat and how you spend your day and night. There are types of foods that improve metabolism. There’s a routine awareness system called “Eat Sleep Burn” which is readily available today, using the practical approach to improving metabolism and living healthily.

Food that is rich in proteins is useful in boosting Metabolism while keeping fat at bay. For instance, nuts make you feel full faster, and they keep you for a long time, reducing overeating. Exercising keeps the body parts active, and active muscles increase metabolism rate. Exercising also can burn fat and increase weight loss.

Water increases the metabolism rate, and it’s recommended to drink at least two liters of fluids per day. Sleeping at night stress-free is another way of boosting metabolism rate. Aging hurts the metabolism rate. As you age, metabolism rate drops, and this affects women than men. Metabolism rate depends on an individual’s lifestyle, and it doesn’t need fancy things to keep it healthy.

What is Metabolism?

Metabolism is the chemical reaction whereby the available food in the body is converted into energy. Metabolism is in two types; Anabolism and Catabolism. Anabolism is the building up of body tissues and storing energy, while catabolism is breaking down body tissues to energize the body to function accordingly.

Anabolism keeps the body tissues in good condition, supports the development of new cells, and stores energy for future use. Anabolism happens after taking meals. Catabolism involves a lot of destruction. It is the breaking down of large molecules like fat and carbs to form energy. This fuels anabolism and enables the muscles to contract and the body to move. Several endocrine hormones control the direction and rate of Metabolism.

Hormones made by the thyroid gland determine the speed of the Metabolism chemical reactions in a person’s body. A higher metabolism rate energizes the body to function excellently.

Signs your body is low in Metabolism

There are several signs that the body’s metabolism rate is low. Frequent headaches can be a sign that the body is lacking some things that fuel low Metabolism. Headaches can be caused by stress and lack of proper sleeping.

People with low metabolism rates have brain problems and their memory functions poorly. They forget things faster due to low metabolism levels. A low metabolism rate means low energy in the body. They are always tired due to a lack of adequate fuel in the body to make it move healthily. The body with low metabolism experiences unexplained weight gain. This is because the body is failing to convert fat or calories into energy.

The body cells also show off through hair and skin that the metabolism rate is low. When essential nutrients are not carried around the body, skin dries to show off that it’s suffering from mal-nutrients. Unhealthy hair, which quickly falls off, is another sign that the body has low Metabolism. Metabolism rate is responsible for carrying food around the body. It is responsible for nourishing the body.

Ways to maintain normal metabolism levels

There are many natural ways to sustain the metabolism rate. These include eating, exercising, and sleeping correctly. However, some supplements can be taken to boost the metabolism rate. Below are the ways to keep Metabolism level high. The Eat Sleep Burn booster can be used when one is tired of fighting low Metabolism.

  1. Exercise

Exercising is a natural way of boosting metabolism levels. The body that regularly uses can burn fat and lose weight quickly. Exercising is also useful in attaining lean and strong muscles. Active body muscles and higher amounts of tissue also increase the metabolism rate. Burning fat and strengthening muscles boost metabolism rate effectively.

  1. Stand up more and sit less

Spending the day seated is not healthy for posture and muscle development. It reduces the smooth blood flow in the body. It can make somebody parts numb. It is a healthy posture to remain in standing position than in sitting position at different intervals in a day. Standing up and moving around is useful in helping the body to burn a few calories (1,2).

  1. Sleep well at night

Sleeping well rejuvenate body cells. Lack of proper sleep may result in high blood sugar levels. This also makes someone feel hungry. Spending a night well in sleeping mode refreshes the body and boosts the metabolism rate.

  1. Reduce stress

Stress levels affect the quality of sleeping and eating patterns. Some people who have depression also have eating disorders. Stressed people can eat more or eat less. Overeating or starving the body is not suitable for metabolism rate. Overeating can make the body use particular food for energy and leave some, which can be converted into stored calories. People should relive stress by visiting psychologists to keep their metabolism rate high enough to sustain the body’s needs.

  1. Eat more proteins

Taking more proteins does not mean that the body must avoid any other food. It means the body must have a balanced diet; however, proteins must be included in all meals. Having proteins in your body can help keep you full for a longer time hence reducing overeating (3). Eating more proteins increases the metabolism rate, and it makes one eat less. Some of the food that contains proteins includes nuts, cheese, yogurt, and fish. These different types of food can be taken during break, lunchtime, and as a snack, hence maintaining proper intake of proteins.

  1. Eat spicy food 

Spicy food boost metabolism naturally. Peppers contain capsaicin substance that is effective in boosting Metabolism (4). They are also useful at burning fat resulting in weight loss. Food spiced with pepper suppresses appetite.

  1. Drink enough right fluids

It is highly recommended for bodies to drink at least two liters of fluids per day. Drinking enough fluids sped up the metabolism rate. Water is the safest fluid to drink. It keeps your body full and also reduces calorie intake. The available calories in the body can be shed off. Green tea also helps the body to convert stored fat into fatty acids. This can be effective in weight loss. Skipping alcohol is the best thing for health. The body burns alcohol first, leaving other food in the body being stored as fat.

  1. Eat enough calories

Skipping meals as a way of fighting weight is not necessary. The body must be adequately fed at the right time. It is advised to have meals every four hours during the day. Women need between 1600 calories and 2400 calories a day while men need between 2000 and 300 calories per day. Eating a few calories cause Metabolism to slow down so the body can converse energy

Tips on the diet for boosting Metabolism

  1. Eat enough proteins

Proteins are healthy, and they keep the body energized while keeping you full. They also maintain muscle mass. This is good in increasing the metabolism rate. Food that is rich in proteins includes legumes, fish, meat, nuts, and more.

  1. Iron and zinc-rich foods

Seeds and seafood are rich in iron and zinc. They maintain healthy Metabolism. The food that is rich in iron and zinc promotes the function of the thyroid, which is useful in preserving Metabolism.

  1. Eat enough vitamin B

These include eggs, peanut butter, bananas, liver, whole-grain foods, and many more. Such food is good for boosting the growth of blood cells. It also helps the body to digest food properly.

  1. Eat spicy food

Spicy food increase metabolism. It also promotes the intake of fluids, which is healthy for boosting Metabolism. Ginger and cayenne pepper spices are useful in burning body fat (5).

  1. Drink water

It is advised to drink water 30 minutes before having a meal. Water can keep you full and makes it easy for the body to digest food. Water also boost metabolism rate. Other healthy fluids include green tea and apple cider.

  1. Avoid alcohol

Alcohol can make the body gain weight and store fat. Weight and fat slow down the metabolism rate. The body burns alcohol before burning available food, and this makes the body gain weight through the stored fat.


Metabolism can be increased naturally by exercising and eating healthy. Exercising burns calories and keeps the body cells healthy. Food that contains proteins, zinc, iron, and vitamin B can boost metabolism rate.

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