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Health and Beauty: Lavender Essential Oil Benefits!


Health and Beauty: Lavender Essential Oil Benefits!

Health and Beauty: Lavender Essential Oil Benefits!

The benefits of essential oil lavender for health and beauty extend far and wide. If you’re interested in using this oil in combination with your anti-aging skincare routine or making all-natural soaps to alleviate dermatitis, lavender essential oil is here to help.

In short, the many essential oil benefits of lavender will help your body and mind remain healthy and sparkling. You’ll get to enjoy a beautiful, calming flower scent all the time. Now, let’s learn about some of the lavender essential oil benefits that can help you.


A homemade lavender essential oil soap next to a small bottle of lavender essential oil and dried lavender flowers
Lavender essential oil not only smells incredible, it’s also antibacterial. So it’s perfect for hand soaps and lotions.

You can never have too many antibacterial
products — especially around the cold season! Lavender essential oil is
antibacterial enough to be used in your favorite hand soaps and even lotions.

According to one study, lavender was
inhibitory against some strains of bacteria and fungus.
This makes it possible to use this benefit of lavender essential oil simply by
applying it to your skin topically or by using it in a specific targeting recipe.

Did You Know?: Lavender essential oil was used as an antibacterial agent in WWI.[2]


A cloudy bottle of lavender essential oil with a dropper on a wooden plate filled with lavender bath crystals and sprigs of lavender
You already know that lavender is fantastic diffused, but did you know it can help with problem skin?

Skin can be unpredictable. Sometimes you might
break out in an allergic reaction, have an episode of eczema, or suffer from
periodic cystic acne. Luckily, lavender essential oil is anti-inflammatory and
can ease the redness and swelling of your skin no matter the cause.

According to research, lavender essential oil
contains components promoting anti-inflammation. Researchers deemed it
reasonable to use for healing because of these benefits.[3]
Plus, it shows no toxic potential to the skin when used appropriately and
diluted.[4] This makes
it great to use on your skin during an outbreak or incorporated into your regular

Remember: Diluting essential oils appropriately depends on the amount you are making and the dilution strength you want. For example, to make a sensitive mixture using 30ml of coconut oil, add in about 6 or 7 drops of lavender oil. The brand and purity of essential oil also influences the final product strength.


A lavender essential oil tea candle candle next to a pile of lavender bath salt, fresh flowers, and a bottle of perfume
One of the best lavender essential oil benefits is that it is packed with antioxidants.

Antioxidants are important for healthy skin,
as they protect your cells from free radical damage and toxins over time. The
antioxidant qualities of lavender essential oil make it beneficial for use on
your skin for anti-aging.

In one study with rats, lavender essential oil
helped create collagen and fibroblast formations on their skin.[5] In humans,
collagen and fibroblasts help reduce signs of aging skin and wrinkles.[6] So,
lavender essential oil may support healthy cell reconstruction and therefore
reduce the possibility of wrinkles in humans too.

It’s also an effective essential oil for sagging skin for the same reason. Lavender essential oil is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, which allows it to help build healthy and happy skin.


Feet with a French pedicure soaking in lavender essential oil infused water next to a towel and a sprig of lavender
Lavender is a fungus killer, so prepare a foot soak with it to get rid of your tinea or onychomycosis.

Say goodbye to fungus with lavender essential
oil. One study tracked lavender essential oil and its effect on various strains
of candida. It found that the oil was effective in killing the fungus.[7]

When used in lower concentrations, the
lavender essential oil benefits can also inhibit the spread of fungus to new
host tissues.[8] Therefore,
you can use this oil to control and kill fungus on your skin, such as tinea and
onychomycosis,[9] in an
all-natural, fresh-smelling way.


Focus on a green ball for relaxation with the Chinese yin and yang sign with sprigs of lavender in the background
Lavender is well-known for its ability to enhance relaxation and in turn help those suffering from stress and anxiety.

The anti-anxiety effects of lavender essential
oil are extensive. Essentially, it impacts the nervous system through your
olfactory receptors (your sense of smell). There, the lavender essential oil
benefits are hard at work, calming and de-stressing your mind. The high
linalool content in lavender oil aids in the process of calming anxiety and
keeps your mind at ease.[10]

The best part is that this oil can be used for anti-anxiety effects just about anywhere. That’s because all it takes is smelling the oil deeply for a few minutes to gain the amazing anti-anxiety benefits. If you’re at home, you can create essential oil diffuser blends with lavender oil to get the benefits too.

Tip: Try out our Zen Meditation Blend using 3 drops of peppermint, 2 drops of lavender, and 1 drop of geranium.


Woman smelling fresh lavenders in a lavender field
Depression can be debilitating, which is why it’s handy to know about natural aids that can compliment traditional treatments.

Similar to how lavender essential oil helps
ease symptoms of anxiety, it also helps reduce depression as well. In one
study, researchers looked at the benefit of lavender essential oil in reducing
postpartum depression in women over time.[11]

Another clinical investigation showed how
lavender essential oil eased depression in patients with mild-to-moderate
symptoms and sped up their recovery time.[12]
Again, the lavender essential oil benefits for depression can be utilized
quickly and easily, making it a great supplement for daily use.

A Natural Sedative

An aromatherapy oil diffuser surrounded by different types of candles on a bedside table
The natural sedative properties in lavender essential oil will help you have more peaceful nights of sleep.

Lavender essential oil contains sedative
properties that can sometimes induce a calm and sleepy reaction.

In one study, the hypnotic effects of
essential oils was studied, and lavender was specifically studied for its
sleep-inducing abilities. It proved to be able to reduce sleep disturbances and
aid in sedating just by inhaling the oil.
Therefore, lavender essential oil benefits sleep by increasing a calm state and
promoting deeper, consistent sleep.


A woman getting a hand massage with lavender essential oil by a masseuse

Muscle pain can strike at any time and for
nearly any reason. Sometimes, you just slept wrong on your pillow and are now
stuck with a painful neck all day. Thankfully, the antispasmodic properties of
lavender essential oil allow it to ease muscle pain and cramping.[14]

According to research, applying lavender
essential oil topically to your skin can also improve muscle pain.[15][16][17] So, just
rub an oil blend together in your hands and then apply to the area that hurts
for some mild relief.


A woman in a lavender field holding a bunch of lavender flowers she just picked
Studies have shown that inhaling lavender essential oil helped the subjects substantially with their headaches.

What can’t lavender essential oil help with? Even headaches and migraines, which may seem like your undefeated arch nemeses, can benefit from lavender essential oil. Just inhaling the oil through your nose can reduce migraine pain, according to one study.

In fact, in only about 15-minutes, patients inhaling lavender essential oil showed significant improvement.[18] Because it’s so effective, you can inhale this oil on its own or with peppermint, which also has headache fighting properties. Plus, this makes for one of the best smelling essential oil blends.

Helps to Reduce Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is nothing to be ashamed of, but if you’re looking to minimize it, lavender essential oil can reduce its redness and inflammation.

Because lavender essential oil reduces redness
and inflammation,[19] it can also
aid in reducing hyperpigmentation. Over time, this oil may promote a more
consistent skin tone and reduce dark spots on your skin.

The oil is safe to use on most skin types when
diluted properly with a carrier oil or product.

Safety first: Never use essential oils in or near your eyes!


Different types of amber bottles filled with lavender essential oil on a wooden board
There is promising research about the ability for lavender essential oil to promote minor tissue remodeling.

While you may not initially think lavender
essential oil can be wound-healing, you should think again. It’s far more than
just a powerful aromatherapy tool! To be more specific: lavender essential oil
benefits wounds by promoting minor tissue remodeling.[20]

One study using rats and lavender oil
demonstrated this effect and proved lavender essential oil is a viable wound
healer, although more research is needed.[21]

Lavender Essential Oil Benefits for Health & Beauty
Top 5 Lavender Essential Oil Benefits for Beauty infographic

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