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Get Familiar With The Best Online Counselling For CBT

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Get Familiar With The Best Online Counselling For CBT

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Get Familiar With The Best Online Counselling For CBT

According to studies, over 46 million adults in the United States are suffering from mental health problems. However, seeking help is difficult because many people don’t have the inclination or energy to leave their homes and attend therapy sessions. That’s where comes in. It’s a platform that allows interested individuals to find a licensed therapist and attend therapy sessions online. The site offers an eight-part therapeutic package that includes a journal, video guides, live sessions, and daily feedback.

How To Join 

To join, visit and click Get Started. You need to provide some personal info and answer a few questions regarding your mental health status. After answering the questions and creating an account, you will be asked to pick from their subscription plans. You will gain an active membership once you’ve entered the payment details. A personal therapist will be assigned to you, but you can change your therapist anytime.

If you want to view the full profile of your therapist, just click the Your Therapist tab. The therapists at have all licensed professionals and trained in Cognitive Behavior Therapy CBT. This program is based on the belief that your feelings and behavior are driven by your thoughts, not by external stimuli such as people, events, and situations.

What Is Included In The Online Therapy Program?

The platform’s online therapy program is based on CBT. It’s among the most common used and accredited psychotherapeutic methods that are used for mental health problem treatment.

You should know that while the therapists at are licensed clinical professionals, they won’t prescribe medications. They completely rely on Cognitive Behavior Therapy to help patients through online therapy services and assessments.

CBT helps patients recognize, challenge, and defeat any dysfunctional behaviors, emotions, and thoughts they may have. conducts the program through an eight-part operation. Here’s how the program works.

  1. Personal Therapist – You will get a personal therapist who will guide you throughout the program. Since everything is done online, you can reach out to your therapist wherever you are.
  2. Sections – has a knowledge base that contains a lot of hand-on tools and info in the form of videos, text, and audio that you can access anytime. These tools will help you determine, challenge, and defeat your problems. The platform’s customer service is available round the clock everyday so that you can reach out to them anytime.
  3. Worksheets – The platform provides worksheets that you will answer to find the information and tools you need in the sections. The worksheets also provide beneficial tips from your personal therapist daily.
  4. Live Chat Sessions – Live consultations are conducted every week for thirty minutes in the form of video chats, live chats, or text.
  5. Text Messaging – You can send messages to your therapist anytime. So, you can share your thoughts, seek guidance, or ask questions anytime.
  6. Journal – The platform provides a journal where you can write your thoughts. Writing notes every day will have a positive effect on your outlook and day. The journal will help you start and end the day feeling positive .
  7. Activity Plan – The activity plan acts as a contract that you have to follow in order to achieve a happier and better you. It is where you can plan activities that have a positive impact on your life.
  8. Yoga – This tool includes easy-to-follow videos that can help you cope with stress and anxiety.


Perhaps you have read a lot of online therapy reviews, and one of your concerns is your privacy. You don’t need to worry about your messages and data because everything is transferred encrypted to a secure server. Only you and your online therapist will have access to your information, therapy experiences, and messages. deletes all submitted info and account data after two years. The platform also allows you to pick a shorter period or delete your account immediately whenever you want.

You can be completely anonymous as well. If you don’t like office sessions,’s online counseling services might just be the solution you’re looking for. You can choose an alias or use your real name and access the platform’s online therapy program without having to reveal your identity. All sessions and therapists at are HIPAA compliant, the highest privacy standard in the healthcare industry.

Cost And Plans offers four plans. Payment options include PayPal and credit cards such as Amex Cards, Visa, and MasterCard. You have to pay monthly through your preferred payment method.  The platform also offers a twenty percent discount for the first month.  You can choose from the following plans:

This plan includes eight sections and twenty-five worksheets. You will also gain access to the journal, activity plan, tests as well as yoga and meditation videos.

The Basic Plan includes everything that is offered in the Free Plan, but you will also gain access to daily feedback from your therapist from Monday to Friday. This plan costs $39.95/week.

The Standard Plan includes support through messaging, one live session, and daily feedback from your therapist from Monday to Friday. This plan will cost you $39.95/week.

The Premium Plan includes the same features as the Standard Plan. You will also get an express reply and two live sessions from your personal therapist. This plan is ideal for those who require maximum support. It costs $79.95/week.

About was founded by Carl Nordstorm with an aim to provide everyone with superior, convenient, and affordable mental health care. The platform has a large network of qualified and experienced therapists. had its first patient in September 2009. Nordstorm sought Margaret Sweet to form a team that would help people who are suffering from mental health problems. Sweet has published over 200 guides and 4 books on mental health and CBT. She has 29 years of experience in social sciences, human behavior, psychology, and mental health. has already created over 200,000 tests, 25,000 chats, and 350,000 worksheets.

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