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Focus Power Review – Is It Best Memory Booster For Adults?


Focus Power Review – Is It Best Memory Booster For Adults?

Focus Power Review – Is It Best Memory Booster For Adults?

What is it?

Focus Power is a daily nutritional supplement that’s formulated to help improve its users’ attention span and ability to stay focused. Based on their advertising, it may additionally have benefits for improving their overall energy levels and feelings of health.

Focus Power was made to boost mental performance in several of ways physiologically, including by improving the overall quantity of blood that is circulated into the mind and developing the dendrites that are on the ends of the neural fibers in the brain. It could also have some software for enhancing the brain’s long-term functionality and reducing the possibility that users will develop more serious ailments like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

The nootropic supplement that our staff believes is the best for enhancing memory functioning in its users is Memotenz. They have our group’s best-rated components mix, and we’ve read exceptionally positive comments in their previous users. Click here to read our team’s full review for Memotenz to see if it may be applicable to your personal cognitive functioning demands.

Focus Power Ingredients and Side Effects

There are a variety of herbal ingredients, amino acids, and laboratory-synthesized chemicals that are used in Focus Power. These include:

Ginkgo Biloba Carnitine St. John’s Wort
Bacopa Monnieri Vinpocetine Huperzine A

Ginkgo Biloba: One of the most powerful and popular mental performance aids that is available to consumers without a prescription. Ginkgo biloba is a kind of tree that grows naturally in China but whose cultivation has spread worldwide as its benefits have become more clearly understood.

Its fruits are mostly useless, however extracts taken from the leaves of the ginkgo tree are thought to have a variety of potential benefits for mental performance and a number of other biological functions. It is most associated with memory functions, where it’s thought that it can help to improve information storage, accessing, and deep learning.

It is also possible that it improves thinking speed and accuracy, and that it may help users avoid the symptoms of cognitive decline. Part of the reason for this is the dramatic pro-circulatory effect that ginkgo is thought to have on the body, helping to increase the overall amount of blood that gets passed through the brain.

There are no significant health issues that are associated with ginkgo consumption, and it is thought to be safe in both the long and short term. It is one of our experts top rated additives for nootropic supplements.

Click on this link to see which products had the honor of being named to our panel of experts’ list of the top ten nootropic supplements in the last year.

Carnitine: An amino acid that is frequently used in products of this nature. Carnitine is synthesized naturally in the body, but it can also be consumed from external sources including several forms of meat, especially red meats, as well as milk and some dairy products to a lesser degree.

Carnitine is popular in nootropic supplements because it helps the body to burn fat and convert it to energy. This helps to improve mood, mental functioning, and is a precursor to several other valuable nootropics.

As carnitine is manufactured by the body itself then it is very unlikely anyone could have a negative reaction to its usage in a product of this nature. It is also strongly recommended by our review team in mental performance boosters and a variety of other health and wellness products.

St. John’s Wort: An herb that is best known for its effects on depression, however it is also an effective nootropic agent. St. John’s wort can help the brain’s ability to process dopamine as well as other neurotransmitters, helping improve users’ mood, subjective wellbeing, and general mental functionality.

Bacopa Monnieri: An herb that is also known as water hyssop or brahmi that is extremely useful in nootropic supplements. It is not an immediate performance booster, but rather it helps the brain grow its internal connective fibers over time.

Bacopa is most effective after one to two months, though it remains productive even after that. It is not thought to have any negative effects that our experts are concerned with, and they strongly encourage our users to find a product with bacopa in it.

Vinpocetine: A less-recommended nootropic agent that has some potential benefits and some potential detriments. It has been shown to help increase blood flow to the brain, however it has also been possibly linked to side effects like:

  • Headaches
  • Gastro-intestinal distress
  • Granulopenia
  • Repressed immune system
  • Apoptosis

Vinpocetine is a laboratory synthesized chemical that is not approved for use as a nutritional or dietary supplement by the Food and Drug Administration. Our team does not currently recommend any supplements that use vinpocetine, and they will not until it has a more defined safety record.

Huperzine A: An extract taken from the plant that is commonly known as Chinese club moss. Like vinpocetine, huperzine A may be able to increase blood flow to the brain, but is also associated with some potential side effects such as:

  • Blurred vision
  • Slurred speech
  • Tardive dyskinesia
  • Urination disruption
  • Fluctuations in blood pressure

Our team also will not recommend huperzine A or Chinese club moss until there is a more through demonstration of both its effectiveness and its safety over the long and the short term.

To see which mental performance aids are thought to be the most helpful for improving thinking speed and accuracy, just click on this link.

Focus Power Quality of Ingredients

The majority of Focus Power’s ingredients are safe for most users and are thought to be at least somewhat effective for nootropic purposes. Some of them, like ginkgo biloba and carnitine, are among our experts’ top recommended supplements overall.

Others, however, are on our team’s list of common nootropic supplement ingredients that they do not recommend.

This includes vinpocetine and huperzine A.

The Price and Quality of Focus Power

Focus Power is only available through Even the home page of their manufacturer, Organix Labs, just redirects to their Amazon page. The price that was being quoted as of the date of this article’s publication is:

  • 1, 60-capsule bottle (60-day supply) of Focus Power Brain Formula dietary supplement: $26.97

This price is well below average for a product of this nature. They use fairly standard ingredients that are not known to be particularly inexpensive, so it is unclear why it’s price is so far under market.

Follow this link to learn how to choose the nootropic aid that is right for your specific needs.

Business of Focus Power

As mentioned above, Focus Power is a product of Organix Labs. Organix has an operational homepage, however the Focus Power-specific website is currently down for maintenance. They do not provide any indication of when they will be operational again.

If you wish to get in touch with Organix Labs or Focus Power, this is the contact information that they provide on their website:

Phone Number: There is no telephone number for Focus Power mentioned on their contact page.

Address: 6209 Mid Rivers Mall Dr. #113

Email: [email protected]

Focus Power has not received particularly good ratings from outside parties. The online watchdog group Trustwerty only gives them 3/5 stars, and they also only have a 3/5 rating as a retailer on Amazon.

Focus Power itself has so far received 3.4/5 stars as a product, however users should note that the online review site Fakespot has found that up to 20% of their reviews could be placed by the company themselves. This further drags down their ratings, making them very unimpressive overall.

For more reviews like this one analyzing the top nootropic boosters on the market today, just follow this link.

Conclusion – Does Focus Power Work?

Our team of health and wellness experts are more comfortable recommending a product that uses fewer ingredients that are all though to be effective rather than one that uses several effective products and several ineffective ones, as Focus Power does. Our team is concerned enough about both vinpocetine and huperzine A that they do not suggest any supplements that use them to our readers.

In general, they would also prefer to see a supplement that uses a slightly more potent selection of ingredients, although they did single out ginkgo biloba, carnitine, St. John’s wort, and bacopa monnieri as being recommended additives. Overall, our experts believe that it will not be difficult to find a more effective mental performance supplement.

The product that our team suggests our readers try is called Memotenz. It also has ginkgo, bacopa, and carnitine in its blend, however it does not use any ingredients in its proprietary mix that our panel objected to.

Instead, they included a much larger selection of top rated additives that are not found in every nootropic supplement on the market, such as DMAE and phosphatidyl serene. Click here to see the full ingredients panel for Memotenz to find out if it has the specific nootropic ingredients that you are looking for.

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