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Five Ways Cold Laser Therapy Has Transformed Medical Procedures

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Five Ways Cold Laser Therapy Has Transformed Medical Procedures

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Five Ways Cold Laser Therapy Has Transformed Medical Procedures

Cold laser therapy is a non-invasive and advanced means of treating a wide range of medical conditions. It is also known as low-light laser therapy, low-power laser therapy, or soft laser biosimulation. The word “cold” comes from the fact that unlike other forms of laser treatment, it does not raise the temperature of the targeted body area. As the light used in this method is of low-intensity, it is majorly used in muscle and tissue repair, pain therapy, and curing inflammation. The patient does not feel any discomfort, heat, or pain throughout the procedure. A single session lasts for shorter periods of time as compared to surgery and other penetrative processes. 


Arthritis Pain Management

The various forms of arthritis are a medical condition that affect countless people globally. Rheumatoid arthritis affects the hands and feet of a person, resulting in stiffness, pain, and swelling. Similarly, Osteoarthritis mostly damages the knees and its effects are non-reversible except that treatments can help reduce the pain. The Gout arthritis often occurs in the joint of the big toe but can possibly attack any joint in the body. In recent times, most of the advanced cases of joint, knee, and neck pain were treated through surgery. However, the aforementioned conditions are majorly prevalent in older people who can have life-threatening complexities in case of surgery. The cold laser therapy is a beneficial alternative which not only eliminates the risk of side effects but is also proven to manage and do away with the pain. It encourages the release of endorphins in the body and also simulates the flow of blood, naturally decreasing pain and inflammation. The patients treated for rheumatoid arthritis felt significant improvement in stiffness as well as pain, even in the earlier hours of the day. However, a person might require repeated sessions of cold laser therapy to achieve better results.


In Pakistan, arthritis treatment is provided through this modern medical miracle by experts at Bioflex.


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Dermal Ulcers

A dermal ulcer can be a result of a medical condition or surgical procedure. Eczema, bedsores or pressure ulcers, diabetic wounds, and surgical wounds are some examples of such unsightly and painful ulcers. Initial stages of dermal ulcers may be manageable at home, without professional treatment. However, advanced forms of such conditions require special medical attention or otherwise they can become life-threatening. For people of older age groups and those with multiple existing health problems, these ulcers can pose an alarming situation. The treatments of each type of wound and skin condition also varies with its severity. On the other hand, cold laser therapy can be used to treat a majority of such dermal ulcers. This innovative method of treatment is preferred over invasive procedures such as surgery and skin-grafting. Low intensity laser light simulates the healing process of the skin as well as the underlying tissue. The wavelength used in the process depends on the area penetrated by the ulcer. No matter how severe the wound is, it can be healed over time through this non-invasive therapy. It does not cause any pain and neither does it cause any complications down the road. If you are looking for a safe option of ulcer treatment in Pakistan, do visit Bioflex clinics in Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar, or Lahore.


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Neurological Problems

Whether it is an unusual headache or a consistent migraine, a person’s day-to-day life and productivity gets severely affected. Similarly, mental health problems like anxiety and depression disrupt a person’s otherwise smooth life and take a toll on their physical and mental capacity. Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease are more common among the elderly but their early onset can affect younger people as well. All of these neurological problems can be treated with the non-intrusive cold laser therapy. The light from this procedure reaches the cells and speeds up the process of their regrowth and “healing”. This leads to a healthier brain, diminishing the physical effects of the mental condition on the brain itself, as well as, increasing the chemical energy of the brain. It improves the mental performance of a person and minimizes the symptoms and causes of neurological problems from the root. The cold laser therapy is a safe alternative to invasive surgeries and medicines that come with a lot of side effects. Although it is still not a widely practiced method of dealing with neurological conditions, the patients who were exposed to such procedures have shown significant improvements. This unique, risk-free therapy is available at Bioflex Pakistan for anyone who wants a guaranteed neurological disorder treatment for their mental health issues.


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Soft Tissue Injuries and Inflammation

Muscle strains, ligament and tissue ruptures, and hematomas are a common occurrence in athletes. However, they are not only classified as sports injuries but can be caused because of various other reasons as well. Critical falls from elevated platforms, exertion for extended periods of time, and lifting heavy weights can also cause soft tissue injuries and inflammation. All of these injuries can be completely healed through cold laser therapy without any pain and medication. The wavelength and duration of application of the laser is adjusted according to the severity of the damage and the area that has to be penetrated. It stimulates the circulation of blood, oxygen, and nutrients in the targeted place, which speeds up the healing process and also minimizes the initial pain. There are no side effects of such procedures and it does not require any incisions. This is the easiest and complexity-free treatment for soft tissue injuries and inflammation. Bioflex Pakistan is currently providing sports injuries’ treatment with cold laser therapy across the country.


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Knee Pain

Knee pain can be a result of an injury, a certain form of arthritis, or an outcome of weight gain and lack of muscular strength. The traditional treatments involve oral medication, application of medicated creams, or in advanced cases a surgeon may recommend total joint replacement. These can be problematic based on other medical conditions or age of the patient. The cold laser therapy is a fine replacement of the older methods of knee pain treatment. This is a non-invasive procedure that boosts the natural healing process. The blood vessels surrounding the knee joint open up to relieve any swelling. Similarly, like other parts of the body treated with laser, knees also have an increased inflow of endorphins which counters the pain. The connective tissues in the knee are regenerated for more strength and flexibility. This low-intensity laser therapy is successfully treating knee pain patients at Bioflex Pakistan. Under the supervision of highly skilled specialists, experience a painless method for lasting cure of knee pain


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The soft laser biosimulation has multiple uses in different fields of medicine. It has no side effects and provides respective advantages to patients of all ages facing various health problems, whether they are physical or mental. If this technology is further enhanced, it can provide cures to diseases that were once thought to be impossible to treat.


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