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Fertility Factor 5 Review – Best Male Fertility Product


Fertility Factor 5 Review – Best Male Fertility Product

Fertility Factor 5 Review – Best Male Fertility Product

When I married last year with the love of my life we both wanted to start a family. While my wife was unable to conceive, we did tests and the findings revealed my sperm count was running very low. This has become an enormous concern for us both. I started to look for solutions and found many male enhancement supplements that claimed to solve my problem. I’ve used a lot, but none has worked.

Then, I read about VigRX’s Fertility Factor 5 on a popular blog. I thought I might as well give this one a try. After just three months, my wife was tested positive in her pregnancy test. It is unbelievable that our dream of having a family is turning true.

If you are facing the same problems as I faced, do not look beyond Fertility Factor 5 dietary supplement. This is a scientifically proven supplement and is based on research performed by scientists at MIT. The composition of the dietary supplement has unique ingredients that will help you increase your fertility effectively. And when your overall fertility improves, you will become more than capable of having kids and starting your own family.

About Fertility Factor 5

Following extensive work, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) scientists and doctors produced a natural and effective male fertility solution from the Tongkat Ali root extract, a scientific name, Eurycoma Longifolia. Advanced technology was employed after extraction to enhance the extract’s potency and benefits. MIT patented the formula as LJ100.

After clinical trials, the results proved that LJ100 improves all factors associated with low male fertility i.e., low sperm count, poor sperm shape and also the slow movement of sperms.

This, very effective, LJ100 is the main ingredient of Fertility Factor 5 capsules. It has been combined with four other ingredients, viz., Panax Ginseng, Zinc, Selenium, and BioPerine, which are proven male fertility boosters. These five ingredients make Fertility Factor 5, the most affordable, cost-effective formula to improve your semen parameters within only 3 months.


fertility factor 5 supplement facts


LJ100 is a patented formula developed by researchers from MIT. It is formulated from the extracts of the roots of Tongkat Ali. The powers of Tongkat Ali in increasing male fertility, sexual strength, energy, and libido was known from ancient times.

LJ100 increases sperm count, mobility of the sperms, and also the shape. It increases the volume of semen, increases libido, and overall sexual function.

Panax Ginseng

This is a herb that was found in China. This has been used as an aphrodisiac by Chinese practitioners for decades. It improves the overall well-being of your body, which is vital for increasing your sexual stamina and fertility.


Recent studies on male infertility have confirmed that a low level of zinc is a cause for poor sperm development. Normal levels of zinc ensure that your sperm development is healthy and you can effectively perform your reproductive functions by getting your wife pregnant in a natural way.


This is another important nutrient that makes males struggle with fertility issues because of their lack. Research has shown that 40 percent of low fertility males have low selenium levels. Fertility Factor 5 is loaded with the amount of selenium required which improves your fertility.


This is an extract of black pepper that acts as the turbo-booster in this supplement. It improves the effectiveness of zinc and selenium. It also ensures that these two elements are absorbed fully and easily by your body.

How Does Fertility Factor 5 Work?

  • Increases your sperm count, which is very important if you are trying to conceive a child.
  • It improves sperm shape or morphology. Normal human sperm has a smooth oval-shaped head with a long tail. But in men which fertility issues, the sperm shape is not normal.
  • It improves sperm movement or motility. Movement of sperm is very important for male fertility as the sperm has to travel through the woman’s reproductive system and fertilize the egg.
  • It increases your semen volume during ejaculation which increases the chances of conception.
  • It improves other reproductive functions also. It improves libido, sexual stamina, staying power and ensures a hard erection.

How to Use Fertility Factor 5?

Fertility Factor 5 is available as capsules that are easily consumable. One bottle contains 30 capsules which is your supply for one month. To get results, you will take the capsules regularly for at least three months and continue taking the supplement for lasting results.


You are advised to take one capsule of Fertility Factor 5 with a glass of water once daily.

Is it Safe to use Fertility Factor 5?

The ingredients used in this dietary supplement are all naturally derived. So, it is completely safe to consume Fertility Factor 5.

Is Fertility Factor 5 Addictive?

No chemical additives or toxins have been used while formulating this dietary supplement. So it is not at all addictive.

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Benefits of Fertility Factor 5

  • The supplement increases sperm count, motility, and shape.
  • Fertility Factor 5 increases the ejaculation volume of semen.
  • The dietary supplement improves erections and increases staying power.
  • It improves your libido and hence sexual confidence.
  • It boosts the function of the male reproductive system.

Purchase & Price

The company offers you exciting discounts when you purchase from the official website of the company.

  • The everyday value pack or 1-month supply of the dietary supplement is available at $59.95.
  • The good value package or the three months’ package can be purchased at a discounted price of
  • $159.95. You save 19.90 on this package.
  • The best value, a 6-month supply is available at $299.95. You save 59.75 on this package.

Moreover, manufacturers offer free shipping across the United States.

vigrx fertility factor 5

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The business gives you a 67-day money-back guarantee for your satisfaction. The business expects you will enjoy the product and it will work for you.

Use the dietary supplement and if you are dissatisfied with the results, you may choose to return it. You will get a 100% refund without any questions asked.

For a refund, you are required to return the unused bottle to the company’s address. Make sure you return the unused bottle within the 67-day window offered by the company.

When the company receives your return order and handles it successfully, the refund will be credited to you minus the storage and shipping costs. The refund policy is valid on all offered packages.

Side Effects of Fertility Factor 5

Fortunately for all the users, Fertility Factor 5 has no side effects. It contains natural ingredients and essential nutrients. No artificial additives or chemical colors or flavors have been used in this dietary supplement. So it has no side effects. This fact has been clinically tested by the company.


Q: Can everybody use the product?
Fertility Factor 5 can be used by men of all ages who are eager to conceive naturally but are grappling with fertility issues. It may be poor motility, poor sperm shape, and low sperm count. It may also be a low volume of semen. Fertility Factor 5 is an organic formula that uses the highest quality ingredients medically shown to increase the mobility, sperm shape, and sperm count.

Q: How is the FF5 different for the other products?
Firstly, FF5 consists of the ingredients of the highest consistency. It’s a reality that men of all ages can face a problem of poor sperm health. A man with poor sexual performance problems, low libido, no sex drive, difficulty with erection will have trouble having a child. Used as an ingredient in FF5, LJ100, and Panax Ginseng improve sexual activity and libido. This improves the chances of conception.

Q: Will it help in having IVF?
IVF depends on some essential parameters of male fertility. If you have poor sperm count, unhealthy motility and shape, it may decrease the chances of conception even in IVF. FF5 helps you in solving those problems. An improved sperm counts and healthy motility and shape helps in IVF and this has been proven by clinical trials and testified by users.

Q: Will it really works?
Yes. It would work. Fertility Factor 5 is made up of the highest quality ingredients which are individually beneficial towards improving male fertility. The main ingredient, LJ100 is a patented formula developed by researchers of MIT and has been clinically tested for its benefits. It also helps the male reproductive system in many ways. Qualified doctors and users also say good about the product.

Q: Has the product been clinically proven?
It has been scientifically confirmed that the drug increases male fertility. It was studied under double-blind, placebo-controlled, and credible clinical trials that found its benefits to be positive.

Q: Are the transactions harmless on the company’s authentic website?
Yes, the transactions are harmless on the company’s authentic website. The website has been secured by 256 bit SSL encryption.

Q: What are the payment methods on the company’s website?
The transactions can be made through Visa Card, MasterCard, American Express and Paypal which is acceptable all around the world.

Special Discounted Price Visit VigRx Fertility Factor 5 Website Now!


  • It enhances sperm count.
  • It increases motility and sperm shape.
  • It increases the volume of semen.
  • It has been substantially researched by medicinal professionals.
  • It is safe with no undesirable side effects.
  • It has been clinically proven to enhance male fertility
  • It enhances your sexual performance with a stronger erection.
  • It increases your libido.
  • It supports a good healthy male reproductive system.


  • It is available just on the company’s authentic website to avoid buying fake or clone products.
  • It is for the use of men only.
  • It may take time to reach if the stock is limited.

Customer Testimonials

We are a couple who have sought out various approaches for a child for quite a long time. None of them did work for us. We were going for IVF and I was informed by one of our relatives regarding the Fertility Factor 5. This is a product of sorcery. It gave me good sperm quality which helped me to have IVF. It increased the semen volume that aided in the IVF process. Now, I have a baby who is one year old. I would like to thank both my relative and the company for producing that great product.

Raymond Fischer, 34, Los Angeles, California.

When my wife and I were unable to have children, even after trying for three months, we both decided to get tests done. As the results arrived, it was revealed that the rate of sperm production of my body was very low. Then my wife researched on the internet and ordered Fertility Factor 5 for me. Just a month into using it, my wife became pregnant. A huge thanks to the manufacturers for making our dream come true. Thomas Holt, 39, Phoenix, Arizona.

We were childless after 5 years of marriage and went for IVF treatment. But my husband had a low sperm count and 3 attempts of IVF failed. Then the doctor advised him to take Fertility Factor 5 daily. He said this supplement usually works for such male fertility issues. My husband’s sperm was collected after 3 months. And I conceived through IVF, a month later. I recommend! Claire Davis, 32, New York.


Try Fertility Factor 5 today if you want to increase your fertility, and have healthy babies! The laboratory-tested drug is incredibly special and can beat all the supplements for male enhancement that claim to boost your sexual health. The manufacturers use LJ100 as a special and one of a kind ingredient in the formulation. Because it’s a scientifically proven supplement, the drug is also safe to use. Customers using the supplement also vouch for their health.

The company offers multiple packages to choose from. The prices set are extremely affordable. Furthermore, you get free shipping across the country. So go and try the supplement now and have your own happy family!

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