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Efficient 12-Minute Body Workout to Boost Your Heart Rate Without Any Equipment Needed


Efficient 12-Minute Body Workout to Boost Your Heart Rate Without Any Equipment Needed

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Efficient 12-Minute Body Workout to Boost Your Heart Rate Without Any Equipment Needed

Tara Nicolas, a Nike trainer, is introducing the next workout in the ReNew Year Movement Program. This 12-minute full-body workout aims to engage all muscle groups, leaving you energized for the day.

The session begins with a warm-up that includes exercises like arm circles and squat pulses before transitioning into the main workout with no equipment required.

“We have just two exercises, each lasting 30 seconds with 15 seconds of rest in between, repeated for two rounds. It’s simple,” says Nicolas. Following this, she guides you through a set of challenging movements.

This program is designed to accommodate everyone, whether you’re new to fitness or a seasoned athlete. Nicolas demonstrates modifications for each exercise, emphasizing the importance of feeling good throughout the routine. She encourages you to push yourself but also emphasizes the element of enjoyment along the way. If you need to take a break, feel free to do so, but when you resume, give it your all, adjusting the intensity based on your current capabilities.

Watch the workout video for a detailed guide on how to perform each exercise below.

12-minute full-body workout:

Repeat each circuit two times.

Circuit 1: 

1. Plank extensions: Assume a plank position on the mat with your forearms on the ground and elbows aligned under your shoulders. Keep your knees on the mat, toes pressing into the floor. Extend your elbows out one by one, then retract. Maintain a stable stance to avoid raising your hips. For a more challenging variation, attempt the exercise on your toes.

2. Single leg glute bridge lifts: Lie on your back with bent knees and feet flat on the ground. Elevate into a glute bridge, then bring your left knee toward your chest at the peak before descending with just your right leg. Essentially, you use both legs to rise and only one to descend. Perform 30 seconds on each leg, or modify by keeping both feet grounded throughout.

Circuit 2:

1. Plank walkout: This serves as the finishing move, adding an extra challenge. Begin in a standing position, bend down to touch the floor, walk your hands out to a plank, then return to standing. Increase the pace gradually.

2. Quick feet: Stand with slightly bent knees and simulate running in place with rapid footwork. Increase the pace every five seconds until you reach maximum effort.


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