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Dermatologists Urge You to Implement These Shower Routine Adjustments If You Have Dry Skin


Dermatologists Urge You to Implement These Shower Routine Adjustments If You Have Dry Skin

Dermatologists Urge You to Implement These Shower Routine Adjustments If You Have Dry Skin

Showering is a crucial aspect of any skincare routine. While the process itself may appear straightforward—lather, rinse, repeat, and so on—your shower habits can significantly impact how your skin looks and feels, especially during the harsh winter season.

When it comes to skincare, your body deserves the same care as your face. Your time spent in hot, soapy water might provide your entire complexion with the necessary moisture and nourishment to ward off dehydration and flaking. This is why dermatologists suggest paying attention to each step of your routine. If you have dry skin, this becomes even more crucial because using the right products and methods can help prevent irritation, while the wrong ones can exacerbate the condition.

Ready to make some changes? Here are some tips approved by dermatologists to address dry skin during your shower routine.

1. Opt for Warm Water Instead of Hot

Even though a hot shower may be tempting, dermatologists advise turning down the temperature. Hot water can strip your skin of essential lipids and proteins needed to protect your skin from irritation and retain moisture. Instead of steaming hot showers, go for lukewarm water.

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2. Limit Exfoliation to Once or Twice a Week

Using an exfoliating scrub frequently can harm your skin’s protective barrier, leading to dryness, peeling, and irritation. Stick to gentle exfoliation once or twice a week using a mild chemical exfoliator like Skinfix Resurface+ Glycolic and Lactic Acid Renewing Body Scrub ($30).

3. Choose a Gentle Soap for Sensitive Skin

Cold wind and dry air during winter can make your skin more sensitive. Switch to a fragrance-free body wash during this time to avoid redness or discomfort. Nécessaire The Body Wash ($25) is a fragrance-free option packed with ingredients to balance and strengthen your skin barrier.

4. Limit Shower Time

Shorter showers not only benefit the environment but also prevent your skin from becoming overly dry or irritated. Prolonged exposure to water, especially hot water, can be drying and irritating to your skin. Enjoy a quick shower to feel refreshed while protecting your skin.

5. Pat Dry and Moisturize Promptly

After your shower, gently pat your skin dry with a towel (avoid rubbing, which can be overly exfoliating) and apply a moisturizing cream or lotion all over. Applying moisturizer while your skin is still damp helps seal in moisture before it evaporates. Consider adding a body oil like Ellis Brooklyn Myth Spectacular Scented Body Oil ($65) on top of your lotion for extra hydration that lasts all day.

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