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Dermallure Serum Review – Is It Good and Secure For Skin?


Dermallure Serum Review – Is It Good and Secure For Skin?

Dermallure Serum Review – Is It Good and Secure For Skin?

What is Dermallure Serum?

Dermallure Serum is an anti-wrinkle solution created to provide anti-aging benefits in a few weeks of use. Fine lines and other signs of aging are reportedly controlled under this formula.

It’s made to enhance elasticity, pore cleansing, reduce free radicals, enhance firmness, and increase collagen production. This can also help regenerate collagen and create results from the interior.

By assessing many products our review experts reasoned Kremotex was the best anti-aging solution. It’s all natural ingredients and customers have provided before and after pictures to showcase how effective it is.

Follow the link to learn more about Kremotex.

Dermallure Serum Ingredients and Side Effects

There is no mention on any of the manufacturers listed websites as to what’s added to this formula.

Only one 3rd party site mentions additives but they did not list the full ingredients. It’s unknown if this is up to date and accurate:

Gatuline In-Tense Trylagen PCB Glucare S

Gatuline In-Tense: This patented oil extract taken from the African Spilanthes Acmella flower is used to reduce wrinkles and improve firmness. It’s meant to do this by tightening skin from the inside and increasing the interaction of collagen fibers.

Trylagen PCB: Two active peptides made to increase the function and organization of collagen. This is also intended to help protect collagen from future breakdowns.

Glucase S: Tannin found from the Alpine ash which is found in parts of Australia. There is limited information on whether or not this is safe, and what kinds of effects it has as a topic aid. One website says it can help fight against environmental damage while reducing the signs of aging. No evidence is provided to support these claims.

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Dermallure Serum Quality of Ingredients

Since there is no official ingredients list it’s impossible to determine if Dermallure Serum would be:

  • Safe- There are topical additives which can lead to rashes, redness, itching, irritation, burning, and even organ damage.
  • Effective- Not all additives can improve collagen production. Certain ingredients are only superficial and cannot actually lead to results.
  • Long lasting- Some ingredients aren’t powerful enough to support results which can regenerate collagen.

Not enough evidence is provided form any reliable sources to help determine the overall quality. Without being able to examine the ingredients there’s far too many unanswered questions about what one can expect.

All you have to review are bold claims made about the effectiveness of Dermallure Serum with no way to prove it. Our review experts have created a list featuring the top 10 best anti-wrinkle creams.

The Price and Quality of Dermallure Serum

A trial offer for a sample bottle is listed on the websites which market this product. For unknown reason you are redirected to another anti-wrinkle cream when you click to learn more.

Without being able to look at the price and ingredients there’s no way to make an informed decision on this product. You don’t know what you’re getting, and even with a trial it’s important to know what you’re putting on your skin. This may be potentially harmful or ineffective and there would be no way to figure out if it is safe before using it.

Trying any topical aid this way is not recommended due to the many potential issues. Trial offers are often only provided by companies who look to lock people into month to month contracts. Learn about which anti-wrinkle solutions made it to the top 10 best of list.

Business of Dermallure Serum

While there are currently 4 different websites which market Dermallure Serum, none offer any contact information such as an email, phone number, or even the company name. Only the Better Business Bureau has their contact information:

Address: 14000 Zippo Way

Haslet, Texas 76052

Phone Number: (866) 297-9775

Email: None offered.

Each of the 4 websites redirects to another anti-wrinkle cream when you try and learn more about it. This is a highly questionable action and you often only see it in scam companies who look to lock people into automatic month to month shipments.

They have a total of 24 complaints on their Better Business Bureau website and an F rating. Here’s what customers had to say:

“after 15 days I was charged $95 twice in one day”

“Complete scam… I wanted to send the product back but they said they couldn’t”

“I was never made aware that there was an auto-shipment policy”

“they turned this into a eighteen month auto shipment charge of $94… took me many letters and threatening calls to have them stop”

Many users commented on how they were unfairly charged for their trial, and how they were talked to rudely by the customer service people.

There were severe complaints and issues related to a lack of a money back guarantee. Many did not know they were going to be charged continuously before signing up for what they believed to be a free trial. Customers were frustrated and completely unsatisfied with the lack of support.

Discover which anti-wrinkle creams were featured in the top 10 ranked list by clicking here.

Customer Opinions of Dermallure Serum

Here are a few user reviews found online:

“Actually ended up making my skin much more dry and worse off”

“I would not purchase this again. It does not do what it claims”

“Complete waste of money. Beware of  their marketing claims”

“Without authorization they charged me over $200… Called their customer service but they rudely told me this was their policy. Total scam”

The vast majority of users complained not just of the product itself, but also of being charged without due notice for what they believed to be a trial offer.

Users who commented on the actual effects of Dermallure often complained that it did not promote any of the claimed results. This caused many to say it was not worth it, as many also thought it was greatly overpriced.

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Conclusion – Does Dermallure Serum Work?

The only information you can examine are marketing claims and many unsatisfied users who complained about the company practices. There’s been several negative reviews from users who said they were scammed out of money. This is why the company has an F rating on their Better Business Bureau profile page. People said they were offered a trial without being told it would extend to a month to month automatic billing contract.

In examining countless anti-aging products our review experts found that Kremotex was the most effective. It has a potent all-natural formula made up of ingredients which can regenerate collagen and protect against age related decline and environmental stressors.

Each ingredient is made in a certified GMP approved facility to ensure proper handling and safety. Customers have also provided before and after photos to showcase how effective it is at treating the signs of aging. This includes things like uneven skin tone, fine lines, crow’s feet, expression lines, sagging skin, age spots, and other aging signs. To visit the official website of Kremotex click on the link here.

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