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Cygnet Health Care Introduces Pioneering Catering Tool to Create Healthy Meals


Cygnet Health Care Introduces Pioneering Catering Tool to Create Healthy Meals

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Cygnet Health Care Introduces Pioneering Catering Tool to Create Healthy Meals

Cygnet Health Care recently announced that it was partnering with Brakes to introduce Nutritics, a revolutionary catering tool that helps chefs to create nutritionally balanced meals. Working closely with Brakes, Cygnet Health Care will introduce this pioneering tool to enable its chefs to edit and create personalised, nutritionally balanced recipes that display allergens and nutritional values, improving meals for service-users across Cygnet Health Care’s 150 sites.

Cygnet Health Care is a leading care provider supporting people with learning disabilities, autism and mental health needs across the UK. In order to successfully implement this scheme across all sites, Cygnet chefs have worked closely with Brakes, creating more than 120 recipes using the Nutritics platform.

Linking directly with the Brakes product catalogue, Nutritics enables chefs to add favourite dishes and create new ones. Incorporating a simple to use drag-and-drop feature, Nutritics enables chefs to add any ingredient they want, showing at a glance allergens such as wheat as well as fat, protein and salt levels. The platform enables chefs to switch ingredients after a recipe has been created to make it healthier or transform it into a halal dish. Once they have created their recipes, chefs will have the ability to share them with other Cygnet Health Care chefs.

The platform is also geared towards budgeting, enabling chefs to accurately and easily calculate the cost of the dishes they prepare right down to the exact cost per person. This empowers Cygnet Health Care chefs to more easily control budgets, creating scope to switch higher-priced ingredients with more economical alternatives.

Chef Titilayo Jackson praised the tool’s allergen information and in-depth nutrition analysis, explaining that it would help to ensure accuracy and consistency for recipes. The chef – who works at Cygnet Churchill, a men’s inpatient mental health hospital – said that what excited her the most was the fact that she will easily be able to adjust ingredients or measurements in recipes that can then be used as standard recipes across all Cygnet sites, enabling chefs to share their recipes and learn from each other.

Expert by Experience Lead at Cygnet Health Care, Raf Hamaizia, explained that the tool will enable staff to manage dietary requirements in a responsive and safe manner based on the individual needs of service users. He indicated that what he liked most about the tool from a lived experience perspective was the ability to share recipes, presenting opportunities to share best practice from different sites. Cygnet Health Care is currently piloting the Nutritics tool across various health and social care facilities, with plans to roll out the platform across all Cygnet Health Care sites that use Brakes later in 2022.

Specialising in high-quality mental health services for local authorities and the NHS for over three decades, Cygnet Health Care’s industry-leading services support individuals with acute and complex mental needs across Britain. Having earned a reputation as one of the best providers of mental health care services across the country, the company’s focus remains on best outcomes for service-users. 85% of Cygnet Health Care’s sites are rated as outstanding or good, placing them above the national average.

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