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Cosmedique Skin – Having a glowing and young looking skin is the dream of every woman. But there are millions of women across the globe that still have to make their dream of good skin come true. To cater the dream of these women a new anti-aging cream has been introduced in the market named Cosmedique Skin. It is a unique blend of different ingredients that make your skin glow by removing wrinkles and all other signs of aging.

Cosmedique is a brand name that some Swiss researchers selected for their items that they launched for skin care. They researched for several years with different skin care ingredients. After many years they finally came up with a unique blend of ingredients that really worked.

What is Cosmedique Skin?

Cosmedique skin is a new product introduced in the market to provide the users with young looking glowing and healthy skin. It is made from different ingredients that have the skin healing properties. The special ingredients affect the skin in a positive manner. Cosmedique skin is the new anti-aging cream introduced for all those who want to look young as they age. In recent past more and more people have been attracted to the surgical procedures like plastic surgery. People like changing skin type, they love face lift and Botox to remove the naturally occurring wrinkles.

The drastic results of surgical and medical treatments of skin forced the researchers to make something new and effective. So, they came up with the best anti-aging cream ever that people use and look much younger than their age. It is a blend of different ingredients tested for their efficacy. These ingredients are then mixed together by the experts to provide the benefits for the skin. The skin healing substances used in the cream offer molecularly charged effects for the skin.

How does it work?

Many people start speculating about the skin products before they have even entered the market. To stop the speculation about the Cosmedique skin cream we want to explain how this cream works. The texture of the cream is just like that of a good moisturizer. It penetrates deep down the skin and starts working on your skin. It starts working form your forehead and stocks up your frown lines that develop into deep wrinkles as you age. The tightness of the skin depends upon the presence of Hyaluronic Acid in the skin and in its absence the skin becomes saggy and wrinkled. With regular use of Cosmedique cream you can get your tight skin back in matter of weeks if not days. The cream works effectively in removal of blemishes and age spots with its sufficient content of Retinol (vitamin A).

Active ingredients of Cosmedique skin cream

It treats your skin against the bad effects of sunlight. You can experience its amazing effects in the time of 4-10 weeks. The DMAE present in the Cosmedique skin cream plays a vital role in removal of crow’s feet that form at the corner of each provides the skin with elasticity that is lost with age and the skin around your eyes starts looking tight and well-toned. Vitamin A, C and E work together to remove the dark circles around the eyes and gives a bright and glowing look to the skin. They remove all the inflammation, oxidation and irritation that you may experience under your eyes. Cavier extract is a natural source of protein that repairs all the broken capillaries in your skin.

The scientists have discovered a skin cream formula that is ultra-concentrated and provides the best of effects of its ingredients for healthy looking young skin. The age defying things used in this formula are Retinol, Cavier Extract, sodium Hyaluronate, Algae, Tocopherol Acetate, DMAE, Phytosphingosine and The Swiss Apple Extract. All these ingredients not only treat your old looking skin they even protect it from further damage.


Retinol is also known as vitamin A that is found in a number of food items. It plays a vital role in skin health as it stimulates the production of new skin cells. As long as it is there in sufficient amount your skin stays young and healthy and you do not look old.

Cavier Extract

It is a marine substance that is known as a very expensive ingredient as it is extracted and preserved in a special way for which a handsome amount is spent. It is an ingredient that is considered a luxury item as it contains Vitamin A, E, D, and B. They provides the skin with the moisturizing that is needed for it to stay healthy and young. It is found to be an excellent provider of all the nourishment that helps maintain healthy looking skin.

Sodium Hyaluronate

It is the salt of hyaluronic acid, a glucosaminoglycan that is found in connective tissues of humans. It is known for its ability to give the skin the volume that is needed for a younger looking skin. Hyaluronic acid does so by retaining the water that makes the skin look fresh and young. When its levels start decreasing with age the skin loses its youthfulness.

Tocopheryl Acetate

It is also known as Vitamin E. It is mostly used in skin products. Tocopheryl Acetate is not oxidized and so it can penetrate deep down the skin to the living cell where 5% of it turns into Tocopherol.

Pros and Cons

As it is a topical product that is used as anti-aging cream it is well tolerated by almost all the people who use it. It does not have any negative effect on human skin, but if you are allergic to some special ingredient of this cream you should first test it on small part of your skin preferably inner elbow.


Due to the ever increasing demand of the product the company has decided to sell the product only through its website so it is no longer available in the market.

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