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This Chicken Breast Recipe Is One Of The Best Keto’s Around

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This Chicken Breast Recipe Is One Of The Best Keto’s Around

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This Chicken Breast Recipe Is One Of The Best Keto’s Around

We are back with another recipe for non-veggies who are following the Paleo or the Kito Diet. Chicken breasts are the healthiest part of Chicken to eat, though I  picked it because they are the fastest to cook ? I’m big on no-fuss cooking you see.


1kg Chicken breasts (I used 2 packets of Godrej chicken breasts)
Lime: 2nos
Onions: 2medium sized julienned
Salt to taste
Black pepper
Oregano flakes
Garlic: 1 full bunch or 20 pods
Olive oil: 2tbsp
Butter: 2tbsp
Tomato: 1no


Keto Diet/ Paleo Diet: Chicken Breast Recipe With a twist:

1. First preheat your Oven at 200 degrees for 15mins

2. Take a nonstick pan and put in the butter..once it melts and heats a bit, add the olive oil so that it doesn’t burn.

3. Put in the garlic pods. You may roughly crush them with or without the skin as per your choice. Also add 3 to 4 slices of lime.

4. Once this heats up, add the chicken breasts.

5. Leave the chicken on a high flame and don’t turn. The aim is to let one side of the chicken fry well such that it sticks a bit to the bottom of the pan. Add salt as per taste along with the oregano flakes as well.

6. Meanwhile, take a baking tray and line it with aluminum foil. I used a non-stick oven pan so I just brushed it with some olive oil.
7. In about 7mins, take the chicken off the pan and place it in the baking tray. Do note that the chicken must be placed such that the partially cooked part should face downwards. Your oven would be almost ready now.

8. With the non-stick spoon, scrape the bits and pieces of chicken in the pan itself and keep it on a low flame. You can add chicken stock or cooking wine to this sauce as well if you’d like it to have more sauce. I wanted a drier dish so didn’t use anything more.

9. Add the julienned onions and the tomato cut in half. The tomato should be kept on its flat surface only. Cook this on a medium flame for 5mins until the onions brown a bit. Then put off the gas and pour all this over the chicken breasts placed on the baking tray.

10. Add some more lime wedges and put the tray into the oven for 15mins.

11. After 15mins, check if it’s cooked. If not then cook for another 5mins.
12. Take out the tray and you’re done! You may choose to serve it exactly the way in a platter form with coriander sprinkled over it or may serve in plates.

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