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Cedarwood Essential Oil Blend Well With

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Cedarwood Essential Oil Blend Well With

Cedarwood Essential Oil Blend Well With

Cedarwood essential oil has a long history that has carried on into the modern-day. It used to be used mainly for incense in ceremonies and religious events. Today, you can enjoy diffusing cedarwood alone or one of many essential oil blends. Cedarwood essential oil blends well with a variety of oils that uplift and balance out its earthy and deep aroma. Along with that, this “oil of the gods” has many health benefits as well.

Learn about the specific scents associated with cedarwood and what
cedarwood essential oil blends well with for you.

Fragrance Profile of Cedarwood Essential Oil

A bottle of cedarwood essential oil
Cedarwood essential oil blends well with a range of other essential oils, from ylang ylang to eucalyptus.

Cedarwood is a beautiful-smelling essential oil that comes from the same family of trees as the fir and pine. The oil itself is distilled from the tree’s wood or sawdust and therefore has a strong earthy aroma. However, there are some undertones of sweetness too.

It’s a calming and centering oil, but the aroma is overall pretty strong and dry. That’s why it’s important to know what cedarwood essential oil blends well with in order to balance the stronger tones out. You can use some of the essential oil blends for soap, lotions, or just classic inhalation aromatherapy.

What Does Cedarwood Essential Oil Blend Well With?

Just because this essential oil has a distinct
aroma doesn’t mean you should be afraid to blend it with other strong oils. In
fact, combining cedarwood with other oils on this list will only help you
double up on the health benefits and aromatic pleasure.

Ylang ylang

Bottle of Ylang-ylang and cedarwood essential oil blend

Anti-anxiety and anti-depression meditation hand oil: Combine three drops of ylang ylang and two drops of cedarwood with one tablespoon of carrier oil. Rub right into your hands and palms. Sit comfortably and cover your nose and mouth with your hands and inhale deeply for about five to ten minutes.

Ylang ylang is the ideal complement to cedarwood. The ylang ylang tree and flowers have a slightly fruity and floral aroma, without being overly sweet. This balances out the deep, woodsy cedarwood with a lighter note. Ylang ylang is great for aiding depression symptoms and can help you feel more uplifted.[1] On the other hand, cedarwood can be used to combat anxiety.[2] To use this combination, you can diffuse them into the air, put them into lotions, or use in massages.


A bottle of chamomile and cedarwood essential oil blend next to a pestle and mortar covered in chamomile flowers

Sleep massage oil: Dilute three drops of chamomile and three drops of cedarwood oil with two palmfuls of carrier oil (e.g. almond oil).

If you’re having
trouble getting or staying asleep, pay attention to what comes next. Cedarwood
essential oil blends well with chamomile to promote sleep. Both these oils can
do the trick to help you have a deeper slumber with fewer interruptions.[3][4] In fact,
they have sedative properties that fight anxiety and promote rest and calm.
Just make sure you don’t start your day with this combination unless you can
squeeze in a nap at lunchtime!


A bottle of eucalyptus and cedarwood blend essential oil next to fresh eucalyptus leaves

Nasal congestion relief diffuser: Diffuse three parts eucalyptus oil, and one part of cedarwood essential oil. Check your diffuser for exact drop amounts.

Allergies and colds don’t have to shut you down for days at a time. If your chest or sinuses are congested to the max, eucalyptus and cedarwood essential oils can help open and relax your airways.[5]

You can take advantage of this benefit by rubbing two drops of cedarwood and three drops of eucalyptus with two tablespoons of carrier oil on your chest. Alternatively, you can try diffusing it into the air to inhale. If you don’t have a diffuser, you can even drop the oils into a warm shower and let the steam do the work. Try adding two drops of eucalyptus and two drops of cedarwood to your tub floor the next time you want to upgrade your shower to an aromatherapy experience.


Essential oil blend with lavender and cedarwood.

Anti-stress lotion: Add 6 drops of lavender and 4 drops of cedarwood essential oils to a 4oz bottle of neutral-smelling lotion to amp up its benefits and aroma.

You can never go wrong with lavender oil in the essential oil world. This nifty oil is great for muscle relaxation, easing stress and anxiety, and promoting sleep and rest too.[6] Cedarwood essential oil blends well with lavender because the lavender smell is sweet, floral, and light. It’s the perfect combination to help you release any anxiety pent up throughout the day and unwind before bed.


A bottle of clary sage essential oil blended with cedarwood essential oil

Menstrual cramp relief rub: Combine three drops of clary sage, two drops of cedarwood oil, and a palm-sized amount of carrier oil (about two tablespoons worth). Rub onto your stomach and lower back to ease cramps.

Cedarwood essential
oil blends well with clary sage aromas. Clary sage has a herby and floral aroma
while cedarwood is stronger in earthy tones. In terms of health benefits, clary
sage is helpful for menstrual cramps when massaged onto the stomach or back.[7] Not to
mention, cedarwood can also help ease muscle spasms when applied directly on
the areas affected. So, this blend is also ideal for rubbing into your legs if
they’re experiencing a “charley horse” muscle cramp.


Bottle of juniper and cedarwood blend essential oil

Natural bug repellent: Mix 15 drops of cedarwood, 15 drops of juniper, one cup of witch hazel.

It’s not fun to be
scratching at mosquitos and other insects when you’re hanging out outside. On
the other hand, it’s also not fun to have to spray harsh chemicals on your skin
to ward them off. A natural solution is to combine cedarwood and juniper
together for their repellent properties.[8][9] You can
even add in some peppermint essential oil if you want to make sure spiders stay
away as well!


Bottle of rosemary and cedarwood blend essential oil

Hair growth scalp mask: Add 3 drops of rosemary oil and 3 drops of cedarwood to ¼ cup of melted coconut oil. Lather in your hands and massage into your scalp. Then, let sit for about 15 minutes before washing and conditioning your hair like normal.

Rosemary essential
oil is an amazing hair growth stimulant.[10]
Cedarwood follows suit, making the two oils a winning combination if you sense
a bald spot creeping up or if you can’t get your hair to grow past your shoulders.
Add some rosemary essential oil to your favorite shampoo, or use this hair
growth scalp mask on a weekly basis.


cypress blends well with cedarwood essential oil

Summer home repellent: Diffuse two parts cypress and one part cedarwood essential oils in your home to purify the air and deter flies and gnats. Check your diffuser machine for the specific drop amounts.

Cyprus is another tree oil that cedarwood essential oil blends well with. The two can help purify your air when diffused, and leave a woodsy yet refreshing scent behind too. Think of when you’re hiking and you get a whiff of the tree bark nearby combined with crisp fresh mountain air. Additionally, cypress essential oil also repels flies and gnats,[11] making it a great diffuser choice during summer when your windows and doors will be open all day long.

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