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Bipasha Basu’s Fitness Diet Secrets Mantras Are Inspiring & We All Can Follow That

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Bipasha Basu’s Fitness Diet Secrets Mantras Are Inspiring & We All Can Follow That

Image Source: Bipasha Basu @ Instagram

Bipasha Basu’s Fitness Diet Secrets Mantras Are Inspiring & We All Can Follow That

Some time back I had shared Bipasha Basu’s Weight Loss transformation from Flab to Abs last time. If you missed, read it here. Many queries came in asking about Bipasha Basu’s Fitness and Diet Secrets. So here you go with her original answers when asked about Fitness and Diet.

Bipasha Basu on Diet

“I love my food and get all the required nutrition from food only, no supplements. I am eating healthier stuff like stirfried vegetables, spinach, chicken soup, grilled mushrooms or fish and eggs in all forms. Basically I mix a lot of green veggies with meat and instead of six small meals now I eat eight to boost my metabolism.”

“When my body craves sugar I eat an apple. It’s like a quick fix. After a wheat grass shot, I take five pre-soaked almonds. Breakfast is eggs and oats.”

“When I eat wrong my trick is never to feel guilty just go burn it! I love desserts but now I am not having any sweets for a month.”

Bipasha Basu on Fitness

“I want to live fit and healthy for 100 years.”

Bipasha Basu works out for 6 days in a week and follows a different regime each day. Her cardio includes –

  • Treadmill- 20 mins.
  • Cycling- 20 mins.
  • Cross trainer-10 mins.

Bipasha Basu, one of the fittest female actors in Bollywood, has always stressed on the importance of having a fit body.

Bipasha Basu’s Fitness Diet Secrets Mantras for all 


Bipasha Basu is immensely disciplined with her fitness regime.

“I combine a lot of other modern techniques to devise a regime for myself. I also plan a routine for my friends. For a perfect body, it is important to have discipline and regular exercise.”

Hard Work

Its said that Hard work always pays off  ! Hard Work is required for excercise and also for sticking to a particular diet , ask me :P. Bipasha does not believe in shortcuts and works hard to achieve that enviable figure.

“I worked hard to carve a bikini figure. I toiled hard in the gym and went on a high protein diet; I kept away from salt and had to curb my sweet tooth. I avoided junk food too.”

Importance of Working Out

There is no other way to fitness than working out. Period !

“I’m a fitness enthusiast and it takes a lot of discipline and special care to get a fit body. It is important that you exercise everyday to stay fit. The main emphasis should be on working out the abs and lower limbs”


“Even if you don’t feel thirsty, keep yourself well- hydrated by having lots of water. I drink around eight glasses of water every day”.


Eat Right

All the working out in the gym is useless if you aren’t eating right. Bipasha eats everything except red meat and rice.

“Lots of greens, chicken, dal, roti and vegetables form a part of my daily diet. For beautiful skin, I recommend fish, barley, nuts, seeds, sprouts, yogurt, fruits and vegetables—especially the leafy, green variety. Fish and nuts are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids that help with glowing skin.”


Sticking to a same workout can be mundane. Once the body adapts to a certain workout, you reach a plateau. So, its important to confuse your body :P. Bipasha endorses changing your workout routine every once in a while and does so herself.

“I change my fitness routine regularly and don’t stick to just one format. I include both cardio and muscle training in my routine. You need not be a gym person—a brisk walk, a run in a park, taking the stairs instead of an elevator can all help in making you fit.”

Love Yourself

Bipasha Basu’s first DVD was rightly named ‘Love Yourself’. This rule has no exception.

“I take good care of myself because I love myself. I believe it is important to invest in your health. Just as we invest in property, relationships and a career, we should invest in health too, otherwise other investments won’t matter. It all boils down to nothing if your health isn’t in place. I plan to launch another fitness DVD soon.”

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