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A Keto Diet Menu for Beginners


A Keto Diet Menu for Beginners

A Keto Diet Menu for Beginners

Are you trying the ketogenic diet? If you’re new to this diet plan, you might feel a little confused. There are a lot of rules you need to understand when it comes to making your meals.

Luckily, we’ve only got the thing for you. This Keto diet menu for beginners is easy to master and full of delicious meals and snacks. Prep it before you get started and you’re going to be well trained.

What is a Diet Menu for Beginners?

A flat lay of different keto ingredients such as meat, chicken, salmon, fruits, vegetables and nuts
The golden rule to remember on the Keto diet menu for beginners is that you can only have 50g of digestible carbs every day.

First of all, what’s the Keto diet menu for beginners? Put literally, this is a menu that fits the rules of the food program. Since you might already know, since part of the Keto diet, you may only have 50 g of digestible carbs per day. That means that you need to be a little inventive when it comes to replacing this part of your meals and snacks.

Recipes that align with this diet tend to be rich in high-fat ingredients, such as meat, fish, dairy products, and eggs. You will also find that fresh ingredients like healthful fruit and vegetables feature in these recipes as well. With that in mind, you can create a variety of exciting lunches, dinners, and desserts when following this particular plan.

Is the Keto Diet for Beginners Difficult to Start?

A top view of a range of common ingredients found in a kitchen including meats, vegetables, fruits oils, eggs, grains, and nuts
Although the Keto diet can be challenging, it’s not impossible.

Once you get into the swing of things with the Keto diet, you should find it easy to follow. However, when you first try to adopt this eating plan, you may find it difficult. Adapting to the strict guidelines and, specifically, cutting back on carbs, can be hard. For that reason, following a Keto diet plan for beginners could be the smartest way forward for you.

If you’re struggling to start the Keto diet right away, you may want to try a slightly different approach. For instance, you may want to give the cyclical Ketogenic diet a whirl when you first set out. The variation of the eating plan means sticking to the Keto diet for five or six days a week and then taking a break. This method could help you ease into the plan and won’t be such a drastic lifestyle change right off the bat. Simple.

Simple Keto Breakfasts 

A healthy Keto breakfast plate with sliced avocados, sunny side up eggs, wild arugula, cheese, and chili flavored bacon
Are you someone who usually skips breakfasts? Keto breakfasts are so tempting you’ll start looking forward to breakfast every day.

Needless to say, Keto breakfasts lack carb-heavy ingredients such as bread and cereal. Instead, you will find that they are full of some of the sources of healthy fats for Keto dieters. For instance, you will find that these meals are rich in meat and eggs.

Plus, Keto breakfasts are easy-to-make and don’t take nearly as long to put together as you’d think. In fact, many take less than ten minutes to make, or can be prepped earlier.

Easy Recipe Ideas

1. Keto-friendly omelets

Perhaps one of the easiest Keto breakfast meals you can make is the humble omelet. Whipping up the perfect Keto omelet doesn’t take long and you can pack it full of tasty extras such as vegetables and cheese.

2. Breakfast pizza

Keto breakfast pizza on a wooden board topped with cauliflowers, olives, peppers, and tomatoes

Pizza for breakfast? Yes, you read that right. One of the quickest and easiest recipes you can make here is a homemade Keto breakfast pizza. Add some sausage and bacon for extra flavor.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to meal prep! One time-saving tip for those following the Keto diet for beginners is to meal prep. Make large batches of breakfast meals ahead of time so you can grab them each morning.

Quick Lunch Ideas

A wooden board with salmon and zucchini kebab skewers with slices of lime
Lunches don’t have to be boring on the Keto diet.

Keto lunches are low in carbs and full of nutrition. These will be similar to standard lunch recipes with a few tweaks. When you’re ultra busy, these meals are quick to make and taste oh-so-good.

Easy Recipe Ideas

1. Keto mac and cheese

Cutting back on carbs is a huge part of the Keto diet. So, if you love this soul food classic, we have an idea for you. You can make a Keto-friendly mac and cheese using cauliflower rather than pasta. Not only is this recipe dairy-free, it’s also packed with nutrients. Cauliflower not only contains vitamins C, K, and B6, it also boasts Omega-3 fatty acids.

2. Salmon and lettuce tacos


Are you craving Tex Mex? If you want to eat tacos on the Keto diet you’ll need to make some smart swaps to make your tacos Keto-compliant. The most important swap you’ll need to make is using lettuce leaves instead of taco shells.

It’s easy to make your lettuce tacos. Simply season and fry your preferred type of meat, and wrap it up in a lettuce leaf. You can even try making fish tacos! Salmon works particularly well, but you can also use white fish for a flavor explosion.

Pro Tip: Make smart swaps! The chances are that you already have some favorite lunch meals. You don’t have to ditch them completely. When you’re creating your Keto diet plan for beginners, simply alter existing recipes. Swapping carb-heavy ingredients for healthy alternatives is the way to go.

Delicious Keto Dinners 

A plate of sliced medium-rare steak next to a side of green beans and mushrooms
The hardest part of making Keto dinners is starting. Once you do, you’ll quickly get the hang of them!

Next up, let’s talk about Keto dinners. When you’ve had a long, hard day at work, you want to come back to something utterly satisfying. These meals will meat-heavy and carb-light.

Easy Recipe Ideas

1. Carb-free carbonara

There’s nothing quite like an ultra creamy carbonara to curb those hunger pangs. Try swapping the pasta for spiralized vegetables to make the meal Keto-friendly.

2. Salmon salad

A bowl of salad with smoked salmon, mixed green leaves, tomatoes, and avocados

Salmon is a healthy source of fats and aligns with the Keto diet. Having some smoked salmon along with some grilled veggies could be the perfect dinner solution.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget the seasoning! Want to make your Keto dinners extra tasty? Make sure that you season them well. Adding some salt, pepper, and paprika into the mix could take your meals to a whole new level.

Decadent Desserts 

A stack of Keto pancakes topped with whipped cream and berries
Keto desserts are well-known for being absolutely delectable.

Have you got something of a sweet tooth? If you love nothing more than a decadent dessert, you’re going to love this part of the Keto diet menu for beginners.

Many of these recipes switch traditional flour for alternatives, such as coconut or almond flour.

Easy Recipe Ideas

1. Keto pumpkin muffins

Enjoy a flavor-filled Keto pumpkin muffin after your meal without worrying about your diet plan. By making smart swaps, you can be sure that these treats will align with the guidelines of your diet. Plus, they are super tempting.

2. Fruit salad

A woman mixing a bowl of a homemade Keto fruit salad with pieces of cut apple, seeds, and nuts

It’s time to get those vitamins! Having a fresh fruit salad after dinner will give you that hit of sweetness you’re craving. Why not mix up some berries, mango, and melon?

Pro Tip: Opt for natural sugars! When you’re planning your Keto desserts, it’s always smart to go for natural sugars, such as fructose or coconut. Look for fresh and tempting ingredients.

Keto Snacks & Drinks 

A plate of high-end Keto shrimp appetizers dipped in sweet and sour with a sprig of asparagus
Snacking on the Keto diet is allowed, so long as the food you snack on is Keto-compliant.

Are you an avid snacker? When you’re not sitting down for a full meal, you may need some treats to keep you going. Keto-friendly snacks and drinks are brimming with flavor and tasty ingredients. Here’s a couple of ideas for you.

Easy Recipe Ideas

1. Cheese bites

Snacking on some cheese could be a way to curb your hunger. Why not chop up a few cubes and keep them in a lunchbox for when you’re feeling peckish?

2. Keto smoothies


Packed with fruit, Keto-friendly smoothies are simple to make. You can add extras such as coconut milk and fruit juice to make these even more delicious.

Pro Tip: Keep snacks simple! Keto-friendly snacks don’t have to be difficult. You should aim to make easy recipes that you can rely on when you’re feeling hungry during the day.

Are You Ready? 

Woman at a fancy restaurant eating Keto-approved shrimp and drinking a green juice
If you’re ready to start on your Keto journey, be sure to keep our expert guide in mind.

Are you feeling confident to start your Keto diet for beginners? Now that you’ve got this menu plan, why not get going?

You can use the ideas here as inspiration to get a meal plan that suits both your taste and lifestyle. Give it a try today!

A Keto Diet Menu for Beginners Anyone Can Master

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