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9 New Digital Fitness Platforms That Can Help You Improve Your Home Workouts


9 New Digital Fitness Platforms That Can Help You Improve Your Home Workouts

9 New Digital Fitness Platforms That Can Help You Improve Your Home Workouts

It’s been more than six months since everyone’s lives shifted amid the global pandemic. Offices cleared out, fitness studios closed their doors, and our homes became the places we truly did everything. After a while, your fitness routine can start to lose its luster, and that’s why these new digital fitness platforms can help breathe new life into your at-home workouts.

One thing that quarantine brought the world—aside from TikTok dances and a new level of Netflix binge-watching—was a boom of digital fitness platforms. With gyms and fitness studios closed and many instructors out of work, there was a hustle to make everything virtual as quickly as possible. If you’ve been wanting to spice up your routine and try something new, these are some of the best new options available.

The best new digital fitness platforms of 2020

1. Erika Bloom Pilates

Cost: $90/month

Celebrity Pilates instructor Erika Bloom is Kerry Washington’s go-to, and now she can be yours, too. She just launched her digital membership, which includes 24/7 access to live classes, pre-recorded videos, and wellness content that will keep you feeling your best, both physically and mentally.

Here’s a full-body Pilates workout you can do at home:

2. Body by SJ

Cost: $30/month

Samantha Jade’s beloved Body by SJ workouts can now be accessed online. When you subscribe, you get daily 50-minute live-streamed classes, as well as an on-demand library of shorter workouts, all of which will leave you feeling long and lean.

3. The Lex Effect

Cost: $10/month for the video library; $13/month for live workouts

All of The Lex Effect’s workouts are low-impact and medium-high intensity. There’s a high-energy sculpting class that’s based on Vinyasa yoga and shorter classes that target specific areas of your body.

4. SLT On-Demand

Cost: $45/month

SLT is known for its ridiculously hard Megaformer workouts (something Scarlett Johansson, Chrissy Teigen, and Shay Mitchell all do on the regular), but now you can get in a sweat at home. There are no-equipment workouts, minimal equipment workouts, and options for those who do have a machine at home. Either way, you can take as many classes as you want.

5. 305 At Home

Cost: $29/month

You can turn your living room into a dance party with 305 Fitness’ new at-home service. There are new classes broadcasted daily from 305 HQ, as well as a library of cardio, toning, HIIT, and stretching content. Basically, if you love workouts that are full of non-stop mood-boosting energy, there’s no better pick.

Try this beginner dance cardio workout:

6. Bonded By The Burn

Cost: $30/month

Want a super-intense workout? Bonded By The Burn’s live and on-demand classes combine strength training, core conditioning, and cardio workouts that are a mix of slow-controlled movements and high-intensity intervals. You don’t need much, either—just resistance bands and gliders. It’s a Megaformer-style workout, minus the machine.

7. STEEZY Studio

Cost: $20/month

With the help of STEEZY Studio, you can get your daily dose of cardio, HIIT, and strength-training, all while dancing it out to the songs you love. Even beginners can keep up, as each class has easy-to-learn movements. When you subscribe, you get access to more than 600 classes, as well as new releases every week.

8. Deadboys Fitness

Cost: $20/month

Deadboys Fitness prides itself on offering CrossFit for everyone, from fitness newbies to experienced athletes. And while this digital platform has been around for a while, there’s a new bodyweight-specific program catered to anyone who doesn’t have equipment to use at home (which has quickly become an editor favorite, BTW). And if you do have equipment, there’s also workouts that feature barbells, kettlebells, and dumbbells.

9. Peloton Barre

Cost: $13/month

Peloton has expanded its library of fitness content to include workouts beyond spin—like yoga, strength, bootcamp, and more—and barre is the latest offering to become available. Unlike other barre classes, these are choreographed to the upbeat music of other Peloton workouts.

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