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7 Most Reasons To Quit Normal Consumption Of Supplements


7 Most Reasons To Quit Normal Consumption Of Supplements

7 Most Reasons To Quit Normal Consumption Of Supplements

Everyone is talking about dietary supplements for Flawless hair and skin, a perfect body, optimal health, and well-being. However, there are many misconceptions regarding these nutritional supplements and their usage. Many People today understand the positive effects of vitamins on our health, but not many are aware of the consequences of dietary supplement overdose.

In a Research conducted in 2009 from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), it was reported that an astounding 56% Of American customers took routine dietary supplements. In accordance with these 2012 Cases of vitamin, poisoning is reported to America’s toxin control units every year. These figures not only reveal the number of Individuals who believe dietary Supplements are essential for good health, but also, it shows the alarming pace Of those who were victims of supplement Percentage.

Can Everyone Take Supplements?

Lifestyle does not require supplements. However, some people have prescribed supplements for a particular period of time. For example, people who are anemic are advised to take iron supplements until their hemoglobin levels are upward, and people who suffer from calcium deficiency are given calcium tablets typically for a few months.

Supplements can fix a health state by providing additional support to our body’s systems. But with frequent ingestion, they can result in an imbalance within the body resulting in bad health outcomes. In this guide, we have put together a list of seven factors which explain why regular intake of supplements is harmful.

1. “Less is More”

Heath conscious people know that vitamins are an excellent thing. Regrettably, a Number of them believe the more vitamins that they eat, the more advantages they get. But this logic functions just the opposite:

  • Fat soluble vitamins like A, D, K, and E are Accumulated within our body.
  • Whenever these vitamins are consumed frequently in large levels, their degree can raise within our bodies, leading to several medical issues.
  • Elevated levels of vitamin A lead to birth deformities.
  • Vitamin E, even when taken regularly in massive quantities, could lead to illnesses.
  • A similar level of Vitamin K disagrees with Blood thinners and can lead to blood to stop clotting.
  • Water-soluble vitamins like vitamin B6 and vitamin C can also be harmful in large doses.
  • Vitamin C in massive quantities over a time period could lead to Kidney Stones.

Robert Anding, MS, of the American Dietician Association asserts that vitamins, when consumed regularly in high doses, can act like drugs. They can block the function of kidneys by causing constipation and kidney stones.

Anding also Claims that supplement overdose reduces the body’s ability to absorb specific vitamins such as zinc or iron.

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2. The Immune System and It’s Functioning

A powerful immune system is quite vital for robust health. People who have weak or compromised immune systems face severe health conditions where the germs or viruses attack the human body and make it susceptible to numerous ailments.

It is natural for people to consider improving their immunity with vitamins. But, studies have found that our immune system is at its best when we follow a naturally well-balanced diet and active lifestyle, and once we create a stress-free mind.

  • Fresh vegetables and fruits are full of nutrients which are easily absorbed by the human body.
  • Some exercise and sun are not just effective at lifting the mood, but they also help us to consume vitamin D in its own most effective and organic form, and they can also supply sufficient energy to our muscles to keep them healthy.
  • Sleep is an essential part of a wholesome body. There are many repair purposes which our bodies undergo while sleeping. Getting enough rest and calm sleep can do wonders for the body’s immunity.

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3. Unnecessary Expenses

Do you think You Could save a lot of cash on Healthcare by consuming supplements frequently? Unfortunately, there is no Logic behind such thought. Studies show that Nearly All people spend not many of these buyers often think from the fairy-tale promises made by supplement producers to boost well-being

  • Vitamin D is hailed as one of the most helpful health enhancers. However, the most natural form of vitamin D is absorbed by our bodies in sunlight. There is not any need to take supplements when you can find some sunlight.
  • Forbes study has said that the promises of Vitamin D enhancing bone density are false.
  • Our bodies consume most of the vitamins we need in the food that we consume. Generally, people are tricked into thinking that our bodies have been starved from vitamins, even when in actuality they aren’t.

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4. “Multivitamins” Spell Trouble

Doses may raise the chance of prostate cancer in men. It may also pose a Potential threat to heart health by making diabetic patients and those with vascular diseases susceptible to cardiac failure. Multivitamins offer a blanket Solution that prevents the consumer out of monitoring how much of every person Vitamin they are ingesting.

5. Vitamin Poisoning

Some supplements such as iron tablets can lead to death in some Cases. Iron poisoning is reported in many Men and Women who have iron in high doses. The symptoms can start from chronic fatigue and end in fatal shocks. Some studies suggest that a single dose of iron outside safe limits can destroy a Person in 2 days. Long-term usage will cause different symptoms like headaches, Nausea, and much more.

6. Approved Or Not Approved?

Generally, the FDA testimonials any addition from the composition Of dietary supplement. Unlike other drugs that take eight to twelve months Years of approval time, supplements are allowed to be sold fairly readily. They’re withdrawn whenever there is sufficient evidence they are harmful. Makers are not needed to present any clinical research about their products.

In such instances, it’s too risky to pop up a supplement daily depending on the flimsy promises made by manufacturers who don’t hold enough accountability.


7. Supplements Vs. Nature

Nutritional supplements are promoted intelligently to convince people that there are an easy means to achieve good health. In reality, Fantastic health is. Individuals shouldn’t give in the fancy Portrayal of vitamins and mysterious herbs to promote well-being. Instead, people should focus on their diet plan, nutrition, lifestyle and healthful habits.

Natural enhancement of Wellness is a safer Choice than Unidentified Supplements and their ill-effects within our entire body.

Final Words

Regular consumption of nutritional supplements is suitable for a specific period of time to support recovery or promote well-being. But, daily use of nutritional supplements for an extended period of time can only result in harmful health problems. Additionally, our body can greatly benefit from a proper diet, active way of life and natural health-promoting practices like exercise, adequate sleep, meditation, etc. Most of us don’t need supplements to boost our well-being.

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