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6 Benefits and Uses of Citrus Hystrix Essential Oil (Kaffir Lime Leaf)

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6 Benefits and Uses of Citrus Hystrix Essential Oil (Kaffir Lime Leaf)

The deep green, wrinkly kaffir lime plant produces an essential oil that smells tangy, subtly sweet, and citrusy. While this unique citrus essential oil, also known as citrus hystrix essential oil, may be used less than some other more common oils like orange or lemon, it still packs a beneficial punch.

You’ll want to use this essential oil if
you need some anxiety relief, or even in some antibacterial soaps. Read on to
learn more about it, plus the amazing citrus hystrix essential oil benefits you
can enjoy.

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  • 1 Citrus Hystrix, Combava, Kaffir Lime — What’s the Difference?
  • 2 6 Surprising Benefits and Uses of Citrus Hystrix Essential Oil
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Citrus Hystrix, Combava, Kaffir Lime — What’s the Difference?

Yellow and green kaffir limes in a woven basket
You may know citrus hystrix by it’s more common name, kaffir lime.

So, before we get into all that makes citrus hystrix oil great, let’s learn about the different kinds of oils derived from this lime plant. The plant itself, which is native to India and tropical Southeast Asia, can go by both its common name, Kaffir lime, or its scientific name, citrus hystrix. In addition, there are two different kinds of citrus hystrix essential oils.

You can make combava essential oil from the
plant leaves.[1]
Alternatively, Kaffir lime essential oil is typically steam-distilled from the
lime peels themselves.[2] Both oil
products contain similar constitutes, and, therefore, produce similar benefits
for your body.

Fun Fact: Kaffir lime leaves are a staple ingredient in the traditional Thai soup tom yum.

6 Surprising Benefits and Uses of Citrus Hystrix Essential Oil

If you’re wanting to add a new oil into your essential oil repertoire, Citrus Hystrix Essential Oil is a great contender as it has countless benefits.
  1. Combava leaf oil is beneficial for your skin. It can fight off skin infection and hepatic problems.[3] Always check with your doctor first and use this oil as a supplement to other treatments. You can use it in an all-natural skin cream or spot treatment with another carrier oil.
  2. The terpene sabinene in kaffir lime peel oil is antibacterial and antifungal.[4] You can add a few drops of it into your homemade essential oil soap for a burst of fresh aroma and germ-fighting action.
  3. If you suffer from stress or anxiety, this oil can also help. The limonene element in the oils can also elevate mood and support anxiety relief.[5] Try diffusing the oil with other anti-anxiety oils like lavender or bergamot.
  4. The alpha-pinene element is anti-inflammatory. There’s some research supporting that this can be beneficial for arthritic symptoms.[6] You can combine this oil with your usual lotion to make a DIY essential oil lotion. You can then apply it topically to the areas you feel joint pain.
  5. Citrus hystrix essential oil is cleansing for the skin too. It also contains a small amount of breakout-fighting ingredients,[7] making it an option to include in facial toners or washes for acne-prone skin. You can also add four drops to a bowl of steaming water, and then drape a towel over your head and the bowl to contain the steam. This once-per-week activity can help cleanse your skin and leave you feeling positive too.
  6. If you’re looking for a boost of antioxidants, you can use this essential oil on your skin as well. It contains myrcene which has radical-scavenging properties to keep your skin youthful. Add a few drops into with your nightly moisturizer and reap the benefits as you sleep.

Who would’ve thought these deep green limes could be so beneficial for
your body and mind! Have fun experimenting with this oil and all the potential
aromatic blends!

Pro Tip: We love combining kaffir lime and coconut oil in a skin rub that takes you straight to the tropics. Mmm!

6 Benefits and Uses of Citrus Hystrix Essential Oil

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