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5 Best Refreshing Fruit Infused Water Recipes

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5 Best Refreshing Fruit Infused Water Recipes

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5 Best Refreshing Fruit Infused Water Recipes

Hydration is a crucial part of nutrition but many people don’t get their daily dose of water. Fruit infused water recipes offer a tasty way to stay hydrated and they are incredibly easy to prepare.

The human body uses water in almost every metabolic and digestive process, and the components of water make up 70% of the atoms in our body. Especially in hot climates, or during intense exercise, it is essential to replace the water that we lose through sweat and respiration.

What do you do if you don’t enjoy drinking water? Try infusing it with delicious fruit flavour. Keep reading to learn how.

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  • 1 What Is Fruit-Infused Water?
  • 2 Why Should I Drink My Water with Fruit?
  • 3 10 Refreshing Fruit Infused Water Recipes

What Is Fruit-Infused Water?

Fruit-infused water is simply water that has fruit in it to provide a great, refreshing flavor. However, this infusion also allows you to consume more vitamins and minerals in your regular drinking water, providing a boost to health and wellness, as well as performance and weight loss. This is a simple change and all you need to make great fruit-infused water is a bottle or jar (preferably made of glass or BPA-free plastics), fruit, and some ice.

Why Should I Drink My Water with Fruit?

The main reason to drink your water with fruit in is because fruit is incredibly healthy, providing a huge variety of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to repair itself and make sure that it is functioning properly. Your health will benefit from increasing the amount of nutrients and you don’t even have to eat the fruits (though you definitely can and should) – you can just drink the water for a subtle boost to your health.

The second reason to try fruit infused water recipes is simply the taste. Some people find it difficult or unpleasant to drink lots of water by itself. Fruit-infused water is a much healthier alternative to fruit juice and is far more hydrating. Fruit-infused water is simply a great way to make water taste better, meaning that you’re more likely to enjoy it and drink more throughout the day. Best of all, fruit infused water recipes are incredibly easy to make – you can refill the water and the fruit will keep infusing each refill, giving you lasting flavor through the day.

Cucumber and Mint

A refreshing classic, perfect summer tastes for relaxing in the sunshine or keeping yourself fuelled during a workout. Simply slice a cucumber into a half-gallon contain then add 8 muddled mint leaves and ½ gallon of cold water. Refrigerate for 2 to 3 hours before enjoying.

Cucumber and Pomegranate

If you’re looking for a unique flavour with a fruity twist, this recipe might be the right one for you. Just slice a cucumber into a half-gallon contain then add a handful of pomegranate seeds and ½ gallon of cold water. Refrigerate for 2 to 3 hours before enjoying.

Orange and Apricot

This is a traditional mixture of orange and apricot flavours, giving the water a mellow citrus taste. Peel an orange and break it into segments then slice an apricot and add both to a container along with cold water. Chill for 2 to 3 hours before enjoying.

Pineapple, Basil and Blackberry

This is a delicate balance of citrus, sugar and alkaline flavours. Fantastic for those looking for new tastes! Start by cutting rings of pineapple into a large container then add 10 muddled basil leaves and 6 whole black berries. Fill with water then chill overnight.

Watermelon and Basil

Another instant, refreshing classic, watermelon provides a unique and delicious flavour. Start by adding a cup of chopped watermelon to your container along with 15 muddled basil leaves. Fill with ½ gallon of cold water then chill for several hours.

Strawberry, Prickly Pear and Lemon

This is our take on a healthy strawberry lemonade. Being by slicing 10 strawberries into a container then add slices of lemon and ¼ cup diced prickly pear. Fill with cold water then refrigerate.

Cherry, Lemongrass and Plum

This is a complicated and subtle flavour, with a fantastic balance of tart and aromatic flavours. Begin by adding a cup of fresh cherries to your container. Next, cut a lime into quarters and add it along with a chopped plum to the container. Fill with cold water and chill.

Mango and Apple

Mango is a fantastically-sweet fruit and, paired with apple, provides a delicious, exotic flavour. Simply slice the mango and the apple into a container then fill with water and chill for 2 to 3 hours before serving.

Grape, Cranberry and Orange

This is reminiscent of a kid’s juice, with a fantastic mixture of sweet and tart flavors. Expect a fruity taste and great nutritional profile. Slice the grapes and oranges then add them to your container with a handful of fresh cranberries. Add ½ gallon cold water and refrigerate for a minimum of 2 hours.

Strawberry and Rhubarb

An English classic, strawberry and rhubarb are fantastic flavors and work together really well, giving an English garden flavor. Add 8 to 10 whole, fresh strawberries to a container along with a sliced stalk of rhubarb. Add ½ gallon cold water and refrigerate for a minimum of 2 hours.

If you’re looking for a tasty, refreshing beverage that will help you stay hydrated, try one of these fruit infused water recipes for fresh and fruity flavor!

Want to learn more about the benefits of including fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet? Check out our guide to the top five superfoods.

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