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30 Minutes Quick Workout For Beginners


30 Minutes Quick Workout For Beginners

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30 Minutes Quick Workout For Beginners

The recent influx of online workouts has shown us that there are seemingly endless benefits associated with working out at home, but by far the most important of all is that they come with exactly zero barriers to entry. Many of them are free, require little space or equipment, and are easy to do from anywhere. And what’s more? There’s something for everyone—especially if you’re at the very beginning of your fitness journey.

When you’re just starting out, stepping into a gym and trying a new workout for the first time can be at best, intimidating, and at worst, downright terrifying. But with online workouts you can do at home, there’s nothing to fear: You’re in complete control of what you do, how intensely you do it, and when you take breaks. If you’re looking to jumpstart your at-home fitness, take a peek at the videos below, which each feature under-30 minute workouts will help you fine-tune your form in the most basic moves in every modality. This way, you’ll be the master of any class—whether it takes place in a studio or in your living room, in no time at all.


With Pilates, it’s all about teeny, tiny movements, which means the proper form is key. In this 15-minute full-body workout, you’ll learn some of the best basics for working your arms, abs, and lower body.


Get an introduction to high-intensity interval training (or, “HIIT”) by way of this 25-minute series, where you’ll learn to master moves like plank jacks, skaters, and high-knees—all of which are mainstays in this trainer-favorite modality.


Regular yoga practice is an important part of any fitness routine, so use this 20-minute class to learn how to keep your muscles properly limber.

Strength training

Get started with strength training using this simple back-and-arms series, which requires nothing more than your bodyweight. Here, you’ll become acquainted with different types of planks and pushups, working your way up from simple variations to more advanced ones.


Want to build up your running endurance? This 15-minute training plan is a great way to do it. You can try it on the treadmill, or listen to it while you log your miles outdoors.

Resistance bands

Grab a mini band and try this 20-minute workout, which will take you through some basic moves with the added resistance from your band. And if it’s too challenging? Drop the band and try it without—you’ll still get some serious muscle work in using solely your bodyweight.

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